Big Brick City 2023 - LEGO city and town fans questionnaire and survey results

Calling all LEGO city and town builders – the Big Brick City Survey is back for 2023, and looking for answers about your LEGO town or city whether it’s a mini micropolis or colossal city in the making.

This is a virtual event for anyone aged 18 or over to take part in until Friday 26th January 2024.

Last year’s Big Brick City Survey

The survey started last year as our curiosity got the better us when faced with the question “what is the world’s most popular LEGO city name?” We did indeed unearth the world’s most popular LEGO city name, and we hope to find trends and answers behind LEGO cities and towns from this year’s answers too. We received 375 entries last year, and hope to match or possibly beat that to provide enough data for us to find trends in LEGO fandom and LEGO city building.

Once the data is processed, we publish in-depth breakdowns of our findings (see Big Brick City Survey 2022’s results). We can’t wait to see what people submit this year – there were plenty of humorous answers in last year’s entries (and a surprising number of Batmans acting as city mayor!), and it provided a lovely end to the year hearing from LEGO fans around the world.

So, please do complete the survey if you are a LEGO city builder and help us to dig more interesting facts up!