LEGO corporate team-building workshops in London by Bricks McGee

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If you’d like to book your next workshop or plan a model commission project, please do get in touch.

Workshops and events

If you’d like to book a LEGO workshop, or discuss activities with us, please email Richard at; telephone calls are available by appointment.

Model commissions

If you’d like to discuss a LEGO model commission, please email with details of the model you wish to have built. It really helps us if you can include a few reference images of the model you’d like, the size of the model when finished, and if you have a deadline for the model in mind.

Please note: we do not except commissions for licensed material (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc).

About Bricks McGee

Press and media requests

Press and media requests

We’re happy to help with press and media enquiries about the LEGO hobby and our unusual job, and for local and regional media in support of our client venues.

Please email Richard at

Bricks McGee HQ

Bricks McGee HQ

Bricks McGee
LCB Depot
31 Rutland Street

Meetings are by appointment only; please discuss this with us using the email above. Sorry, we do not offer tours at this time.