Contact Bricks McGee

If you have a question about LEGO commissions, becoming an AFOL, or LEGO generally, you can email Richard at bricksmcgee­@richard­carter­consultancy­.com

You can also find me on as @TheBricksMcGee on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.

LEGO model commissions

If you’re interesting in commissioning a LEGO model, or working on a LEGO event or project together, please do get in touch by emailing bricksmcgee@­richard­carter­consultancy­.com.

Please note: I don’t except commissions for licensed material (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc).

LEGO events

If you’d like to have your LEGO event added to one of my lists (see 2017, 2018), please help me by providing:

  1. The name of your LEGO event
  2. The event organiser
  3. The venue name and address (nearest town/city is fine)
  4. The date of your event, and timings for each day
  5. A brief description for your event (max ~40 words).
  6. Any costs for the event