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Contact Bricks McGee

If you’d like to work together on a LEGO workshop or model commission project, please do get in touch by emailing bricksmcgee@­richard­carter­consultancy­.com.

Please note: I do not except commissions for licensed material (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc).

About Bricks McGee

Have a LEGO event to add?

Have a LEGO event to add?

Excellent! If you’d like to have your LEGO event added to one of my lists (see 2017, 2018, etc), please help me by providing:

  1. The name of your LEGO event
  2. The event organiser
  3. The venue name and address (nearest town/city is fine)
  4. The date of your event, and timings for each day
  5. A brief description for your event (max ~40 words).
  6. Any costs for the event