Custom LEGO gift sets - boxed custom LEGO brick model gift with client branding

A bespoke model buildable from LEGO bricks is the ultimate gift for your clients and colleagues – something tactile they can build and remember you by for years to come. Start building your perfect corporate gift with LEGO bricks today!

Whether it’s a branded item or something a little more subtle, Bricks McGee can help create the perfect gift for corporate clients, from concept to design and fulfillment.

Please note: we no longer quote merchandise companies.

LEGO gift sets - custom LEGO brick gifts for corporate clients

How it works

We start by exploring your ideas, and seeing where they take us. After a digital design phase, we test build the physical model and can then provide sets of LEGO parts ready for building by you, your clients, and colleagues.

Turnaround times are typically 4 – 6+ weeks, depending on your requirements and quantities involved.

Here’s our process for creating brilliant corporate gifts with LEGO bricks the Bricks McGee way:

Model concept

Creating a custom gift from LEGO bricks is an exciting process, and we’re sure you will be buzzing with ideas. Using over a decade of experience in creating commercial models, we can help guide you to create the perfect model for your needs.

Model design

After the concept is approved, we typically design the model digitally, creating a virtual prototype you can feed back on.

This also allows us to create step-by-step instructions for you.

Once the model design is finalised, we optimise the parts to ensure they fit your budget.

Sorting the sets

Finally, we sort the parts for you in to sets ready to build, and ship them to you.

Custom model kits with LEGO bricks

If you’re looking for a memorable gift for corporate clients or your own internal teams, a custom model set with LEGO bricks from Bricks McGee is a great way to provide a unique item with a building experience to be remembered.

Join clients including Oracle, Google and Birmingham University who have trusted Bricks McGee with custom model design projects – from 5 to 250 custom model kits with LEGO bricks, we can help you build your brand.

Our corporate gifts are all created using genuine LEGO bricks, and boxed with a custom sticker branded with your logo and corporate identity.

Boxed LEGO gift sets - custom model designs as a corporate gift

Order your corporate gifts today

Contact us via to start your corporate gift project with LEGO bricks.

Please note: we no longer quote merchandise companies.

Here’s a small selection of the corporate gifts LEGO sets we’ve helped to create for clients large and small.

Mini wind turbine model corporate gift
Company mascot made from LEGO bricks
Air traffic control model corporate gift set with LEGO bricks
Radar dish model from LEGO bricks
Custom airplane gift set model with LEGO bricks
A cat astronaut