Custom LEGO model build commissions in the UK and USA by Bricks McGee

Custom models with LEGO bricks are the ideal way for your venue or business to get the model of your dreams built! If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry – we’ve guided many clients through the model design process with LEGO models of all sizes.

Model clients include Dell, Oracle, English Heritage, Transport for Greater Manchester, and Coca-Cola. LEGO bricks’ tactile nature can also make them perfect for interactive workshops too.

Why commission a custom model from LEGO bricks?

A custom model built from LEGO bricks can be a fantastic way to introduce fun and creativity in to your venue or workplace.

Whether as a talking point for an exhibition or office space, or a visitor attraction in its own right, Bricks McGee can help you to build the right model for you.

Bricks McGee works with businesses, museums and organisations throughout the UK and around the world to build brilliant LEGO models to fit their requirements – and the space available!

Our Custom LEGO® model LEGO model design process

Every LEGO artist designs and builds their models slightly differently. Our process has been refined since we began in 2012, and now we’re happy to be building LEGO models the Bricks McGee way!

Custom LEGO model designer in the UK and USA - Bricks McGee

Here’s how we build your custom LEGO model the Bricks McGee way!


We’re able to build in many scales and styles, so our first step is to talk to you about what you’re trying to achieve with your model, and how we can best achieve that aim.

Model design

Once the size and style are known, we can begin the design phase. Depending on the type of model we’re building, we may work with a digital model to present to you before building in the brick, or we may build a prototype model from real LEGO bricks to show you a sample.

When we’re designing corporate gifts with LEGO bricks, we also keep an eye on the price of the parts to help keep each gift matched to the client’s budget. This can mean swapping parts and redesigning sections of the model

Model build

Once the design is approved, we will build the complete model, gluing it if necessary (though this adds to the cost, of course!).

Signed, sealed, delivered

Once the model is ready, we can ship the model to you.

Old Oak Common HS2 custom LEGO® model by Bricks McGee

Our model design experience

We’ve been building model commissions from LEGO bricks since 2012, and have acquired years of experienced across a broad range of model styles and scales, including:

  • Models of museum exhibits in a variety of styles
  • Models for architect firms covering a wide area whilst detailing key elements of the property development
  • Models of technology and deep sea products, designed to showcase key functionality
  • Large models of stately homes and historic buildings
  • Intricate replicas of treasured items
  • Digital model design with LEGO bricks

Bricks McGee have acted as consultants for LEGO projects for clients too, assessing feasibility and providing alternate options, acting as prop masters on video film sets, and more.

Whatever your ideas for a model, let Bricks McGee take them and develop it in to a fun, creative replica in LEGO® bricks.

Digital model design with LEGO bricks

Bricks McGee also offer digital model design from LEGO bricks, which is ideal for museums and commercial clients wanting to commission models to give away to their visitors, pupils and clients.

They’re also great for the engineering and architecture sectors, allowing a prototype of machines or buildings that don’t physically exist yet to be built. This can help with sales, product development and marketing.

The digital model design process allows us to create step-by-step instructions for the model too, which you can share with your followers and customers.

Digital custom LEGO® model commission for Maritime Developments

Digital models are a great way of creating interest and engagement on your social media channels, and a great complement to our virtual workshops with LEGO bricks.

Our consultancy for LEGO models may also be of interest if you’re need to assess the viability of a project for timelines, budget and structural integrity.

Corporate gifts

If you’re looking for novel corporate gifts, LEGO models can be the ideal way to stand out at trade exhibitions, or act as an ideal gift for employees and team members.

Bricks McGee can design and provide models in variable sizes and quantities according to your needs. Corporate gift clients include Oracle and Dell.

How it works

  • Our first step to creating the perfect corporate gift with LEGO bricks is to discuss your ideas and aims
  • After this, we can develop digital prototypes of the sets, and review them for efficient part use.
  • Once the design is approved, we begin ordering and sorting the LEGO parts in to individual sets, and then ship them to you.

Commission a custom LEGO® model from LEGO bricks

Commissioning a bespoke model from LEGO bricks can be a little daunting if you’re not familiar with LEGO® bricks, and we are happy to discuss ideas and the feasibility of your project with you.

If you have an idea for a model and would like to work with us, please contact us or email playtime@­