LEGO model commissions

LEGO Model Commissions

LEGO model commissions are the ideal way for your venue or business to get the LEGO model of your dreams built!

I have built LEGO models for museums, businesses and individuals throughout the UK, so why not ask about your project today?

Commission me

BricksMcGee is available for LEGO model commissions.

A custom LEGO model commission is a perfect gift for many occassions and events, including:

  • Congratulating the happy couple at a wedding or civil ceremony
  • Celebrating the birth of a child
  • Commemorating a colleague about to retire
  • Celebrating moving in to a new house or property with a scale LEGO model of the building for your desk or mantel piece

Custom LEGO model experience

A sample of previous and ongoing LEGO projects I’ve been involved in:

  • An exhibition, “Little Landmarks”, of 11 local landmarks built in LEGO for South Shields Museum
  • Designing & building large, architectural models to various scales, including minifigure scale
  • Creating logos in LEGO, both in 3D and mosaic
  • Building large scale maps in LEGO
  • Building LEGO mosaics from photographs or other graphics
  • Curating and loaning my LEGO collection out for display, including museums and even IKEA
  • Modelling local (North East) landmarks in LEGO

Commissioning a bespoke LEGO model can be a little daunting if you’re not familiar with LEGO, so you may find my article on what, and how to commission a custom LEGO model of use.

If you have an idea for a LEGO model commission and would like to work with me, please contact me or email bricksmcgee­@richard­carter­consultancy­.com.