Jul 6 2018

UK AFOL & LEGO events 2019

LEGO brick hire in the UK

My UK LEGO event list is back again for 2019! Skip to events » For the foreseeable future, you’ll probably find my 2018 list of LEGO events in the UK more useful! The number of LEGO shows continues to grow each year, which is great as a LEGO fan and exhibitor, but as curator of… Read more »

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Jul 5 2018

LEGO fan interview: Isaac Smith (aka Smith Movies)

LEGO Flying Scotsman model by Isaac Smith

I came across Isaac Smith‘s brilliant LEGO locomotive designs on his Flickr account, and he quickly became a regular part of the LNUR display team, stunning the public (and fellow AFOLs!) with his steam locomotive models. Isaac also has a very active YouTube account, with plenty of LEGO to keep you interested for months to… Read more »

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Jul 3 2018

How not to run a LEGO show

I gave a talk at this year’s Fan Weekend in Portugal on the topic of How Not To Run A LEGO Show; what follows is a summary of my points for those who couldn’t make it, as the session wasn’t filmed. I’ve managed to attend many LEGO shows over the last 4 or 5 years, either… Read more »

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Jun 5 2018

LEGO fan interview with Caz Mockett -@cazphoto

Cazs impressive LEGO micropolis city

I first encountered Caz on Twitter through a mutual friend, and it didn’t take long for us to start nerding out over LEGO! Her ever-enlarging LEGO micropolis city is particularly impressive in my eyes – I love the creative use of parts (see if you can spot the Belville parts!) and colour schemes for each… Read more »

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May 15 2018

LEGO builder interview – Steve Mayes, Brick This

LEGO builder Steve Mayes; Transporter Bridge LEGO model

I first came across Steve Mayes on Twitter with his photography business a few years ago. Nowadays, he’s a full time LEGO architect with his business Brick This, and has worked with an impressive array of clients both regionally, and nationally. Based in North Shields in the North East of England, Steve’s background in architectural… Read more »

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Apr 26 2018

New! LEGO brick pit hire

LEGO events and workshops for libraries in the UK

I’m really excited about a new venture of mine with a fellow AFOL: Brick Pits! I’ve been working alongside museums and other institutions for quite a few years now to provide LEGO-based workshops and events, and even museum exhibitions. One side that has been lacking previously has been my ability to hire out large quantities… Read more »

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Mar 29 2018

AFOL Interview – Jonas, Serbian LEGO fan

LEGO Factory playset by Jonas

“I’m a LEGO fan from Serbia.” Jonas is another talented LEGO builder I originally came across on Twitter, and loved his builds. More recently, his LEGO Factory model (a collaborative with an Italian LEGO fan) got some great traction, and was even reviewed by Huw of Brickset. Lead image: Brickset.

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