May 15 2018

LEGO builder interview – Steve Mayes, Brick This

LEGO builder Steve Mayes; Transporter Bridge LEGO model

I first came across Steve Mayes on Twitter with his photography business a few years ago. Nowadays, he’s a full time LEGO architect with his business Brick This, and has worked with an impressive array of clients both regionally, and nationally. Based in North Shields in the North East of England, Steve’s background in architectural… Read more »

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Apr 26 2018

New! LEGO brick pit hire

LEGO events and workshops for libraries in the UK

I’m really excited about a new venture of mine with a fellow AFOL: Brick Pits! I’ve been working alongside museums and other institutions for quite a few years now to provide LEGO-based workshops and events, and even museum exhibitions. One side that has been lacking previously has been my ability to hire out large quantities… Read more »

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Mar 29 2018

AFOL Interview – Jonas, Serbian LEGO fan

LEGO Factory playset by Jonas

“I’m a LEGO fan from Serbia.” Jonas is another talented LEGO builder I originally came across on Twitter, and loved his builds. More recently, his LEGO Factory model (a collaborative with an Italian LEGO fan) got some great traction, and was even reviewed by Huw of Brickset. Lead image: Brickset.

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Jan 1 2018

AFOL and LEGO events in the UK in 2018

Shildon LEGO show team photo - 2016 LEGO event

It’s that time again! Here is my list of LEGO and AFOL events in the UK for 2018. Skip to events » I’ve been doing this for a few years now (see 2017’s list, and 2016’s), and the list has become a little overwhelming as LEGO has burgeoned in popularity, so I have reorganised how… Read more »

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Nov 24 2017

LEGO fan interview: Matt @MC_Survival_Man

LEGO maxifigure model of Master Wu

I first came across LEGO superfan Matt (@MC_Survival_Man) on Twitter, sharing photos of some of his great Miniland-scale builds. This scale is used thoroughly throughout the LEGOLAND theme parks, and has a really distinctive look that Matt’s models manage to capture beautifully. “My name is Matt, but I go by MC_Survival_man online. I live in Dallas, TX… Read more »

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Nov 14 2017

Shildon LEGO Show 2017 review

LEGO trains display at Shildon LEGO Show 2017

A review of the “North East’s largest LEGO show” on November 11th – November 12th 2017 at National Railway Museum Shildon (Locomotion) in County Durham.

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