LEGO team building workshops - tower building challenge

Team building workshops with LEGO bricks are a fantastic way of engaging your colleagues, partners or clients in a new way.

Build, create and learn as you’re challenged by our master builders who have facilitated corporate events for clients including Amazon, SnapChat, Google, Taylor’s of Harrogate, and Western Union. Book your LEGO team building workshop today.

Team building workshops

Pit your company teams against each other in a range of challenging tasks, designed to test creativity and problem solving skills, and encourage stronger team communication with our range of team building experiences.

Team building with LEGO bricks

These team building workshops challenge your team’s communication and problem solving skills, with challenges including:

  • Tower and bridge building challenges, providing a level of competition between teams
  • Resource sharing activities, creating more complex problems to solve as they change throughout the day
  • Guessing games and puzzles, requiring teams to pull together to solve a conundrum or for a more light-hearted activity

If you’re after more inspiration for your team building session, see our list of team building ideas with LEGO bricks.

LEGO team building workshops in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds and throughout the UK

LEGO communication challenges

  • Speed building models, pitting teams and individuals against each other in memorable activities
  • Blind-building workshops, relying on communication with other team members to complete a given model

Engage your team with hands-on LEGO® building activities

Build, create and learn as you’re challenged by our master builders who have facilitated corporate events for clients including Amazon, Google, the FA, SnapChat, Autoglass, and many more.

We offer a range of virtual team building activities with LEGO bricks too – just ask! Workshops can be customised for your event, venue and attendee numbers.

Corporate workshops

Our corporate team building workshops with LEGO bricks are a great way to engage your teams, whether in person or virtually.

From a few hours of activities to full away days, corporate workshops are tailored to your organisation to engage, challenge and entertain.

Designed for a more professional audience than our traditional workshops with LEGO bricks, teambuilding sessions can focus on improving team bonds to creating more awareness of communication issues between colleagues, or creating lasting memories. LEGO bricks can be used to build a stronger, more coherent team.

LEGO team building events for Christmas - corporate event hire in the UK - Bricks McGee

Bricks McGee provide all of the LEGO bricks you’ll need, as well as structured content which has been tried and tested – all we need is a venue!

We can also customise your team building workshops with bespoke models to build related to your business or theme of your event – just ask.

Virtual team building workshops with LEGO bricks

Bring the magic of LEGO bricks to your remote teams around the world with our virtual workshops.

Hosted on Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, Bricks McGee workshops are designed to engage and entertain – ideal for corporate away days and team days for teams spread across countries or continents.

We can deliver a LEGO set for each participant, shipped directly to their door, too – taking the stress out of organising your event.

Bricks + Beers corporate workshops

What better way to enjoy your evening than with increasingly silly challenges over a few beers or cocktails?

Our series of Bricks + Beers challenges using LEGO bricks are a great way to encourage socialising between adults, breaking the ice and helping teams bond with style!

We can adapt to most venues – get in touch to discuss how your corporate event could benefit from a workshop.

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