LEGO workshops for museums in the UK

About Bricks McGee

Bricks McGee are serious LEGO fans, and love bringing their brick building magic to events throughout the UK.

Founded in 2012, they’ve been playing with LEGO bricks as long as they can remember.

LEGO trademark guidelines

Guidance on LEGO trademark usage is here

Generally, you can’t use the LEGO trademark in the event name itself (So you can call something a “Brick Bonanza”, but not a “LEGO Extravaganza”), but you can use it in a tagline/slogan. (e.g., “Brick Bonanza – LEGO make and take event” or similar).

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Workshop images

Bricks McGee building LEGO models:

Custom LEGO model artist - Bricks McGee

LEGO bricks:

LEGO workshops in the UK

Workshops in a train museum:

LEGO workshops for museums in the UK

Workshops in museums or schools:

LEGO workshops for schools

LEGO bricks ready for workshops:

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