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Virtual LEGO® workshops

While COVID-19 has closed many museums, libraries, galleries and cultural events – our usual stomping ground for LEGO workshops – we’re offering virtual LEGO® workshops!

You can use these as a novel way to engage your museum or organisation’s followers whilst on lockdown, via Facebook Live or your preferred video platform (we’ve used Skype, Zoom and House Party too).

The workshops are also a potential source of income for your venue, with each hour long session having a maximum capacity to ensure everyone gets their chance to shine; venues are able to ticket these events and set price points.

And – of course – like our regular LEGO workshops, they’re fantastic fun for everyone!

If you’re looking to book a session on our public LEGO workshops, please see here.

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How do online LEGO workshops work?

How do online LEGO workshops work?

These online LEGO® workshops are tried and tested for museums and schools, and are great for engagement with young families in particular.

Using a digital video call service (we have used many, including Zoom and Houseparty), our workshop facilitator takes a group of children through a LEGO® building challenge with others in a safe, secure digital environment.

  • Participants join our video call
  • Our facilitator sets the challenge and helps participants during the workshop
  • We ask participants to share their LEGO® progress to our challenges

All participants need for our activities is a small tub of LEGO® elements – roughly 5 litres or so – of mixed bricks and plates (the thinner bricks). Colour doesn’t matter at all –  participants can build in whatever colours they like! We encourage engagement from parents, guardians and siblings, too.

We have a code of conduct for our virtual workshops, as well as our 3 steps to better video calls to help newcomers to this digital world!

Digital LEGO® activities

Digital LEGO® activities

Not every family has the same amount of LEGO bricks on hand for our usual LEGO® activities, so we’ve tailored our activities for this new digital world to make them fairer – and therefore more fun! – for everyone.

Our workshop challenges include a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) tasks as well as creative workshops with a focus on the experience of building rather than the end result.

The virtual workshops are bookable by day or half day sessions, and are available to schools, museums and other cultural venues.

Contact us for more information on our available activities.

Fun, safe online workshops for all

Fun, safe online workshops for all

We aim to create a safe environment for all to enjoy building with LEGO® bricks. We have a digital event code of conduct for everyone who takes part to agree to, and strictly enforce it.

Our facilitators are all DBS (previously CRB) checked, and we enforce our own – or your venue’s code of conduct for workshops to ensure a safe, fun environment for everyone taking part.

Bricks McGee are happy to work with your venue to customise events and the experience for your own visitors. Contact us to discuss your workshops in detail.