LEGO workshops for museums in the UK

LEGO® workshops

LEGO® workshops are a great way of introducing fun, creativity and critical thinking in to your venue, whether it’s a museum, library or other cultural venue.

We also offer workshops for schools, and corporate / team-building events. Enquire about the great range of LEGO workshops available to run throughout the UK!

“The LEGO workshops are always a huge hit with our visitors — entertainment and education rolled into one”

Events Co-ordinator, Discovery Museum Newcastle upon Tyne

Engage, educate and entertain with LEGO workshops – contact us for a brochure of activities.

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What is a LEGO workshop?

What is a LEGO workshop?

LEGO is a great, versatile tool to encourage engagement with a wide range of age groups, from children to adults. Its tactile nature means workshops can be the perfect ice breaker, too – people can’t help but pick LEGO bricks up and start playing.

LEGO workshops make use of this tactile appeal to participants of all ages, and can be used at venues of almost any size, and adapted to most visitor numbers.

Our LEGO brick workshops have been booked by clients including Science Museum Group, National Trust and regional museums and libraries across the UK.

If you would like to discuss a LEGO workshop or event with me, please do get in touch.

Creative workshops

Creative workshops

Creative LEGO workshop sessions can vary greatly in their content and pace depending on the ages of those participating, the time available, and the number of participants in each session.

Just a few of the creative workshops Bricks McGee has run for previous venues include:

  • Town Planner: plan your dream LEGO city, creating a collaborative utopia.
  • Green Fingers: build the ultimate LEGO garden, from plants to wildlife!
  • Spaceships! Create a moonbase and explore the galaxy.
  • Local Landmarks: build your area’s most famous buildings and monuments in LEGO bricks!
  • Crazy Golf: build your own crazy golf course in LEGO bricks and hit that hole-in-one.

There are many other activities and themes available; please contact us and we’ll send you our latest workshops brochure, full of activities to suit every theme and venue.

Challenge workshops & activities

Challenge workshops & activities

Challenge workshops provide a technical challenge in LEGO bricks, which can be tailored for your venue.

These activities work well for older children, aged 7 – 11 years old.

  • Bridges & Towers: test your building skills with these engineering feats.
  • Drag Racers: engineer the ultimate pull-back racers and compete!
  • Robot Arena: pit your robots against other teams in increasingly difficult arenas.

Contact us for more workshop activities!

Previous LEGO workshop clients

Previous LEGO workshop clients

Bricks McGee runs LEGO workshops throughout the UK for a variety of organisations, including libraries and museums. Each workshop is tailored to the client’s desired learning outcomes, or to match a specific theme of a visiting exhibition, conference or corporate away day. I hold a current DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) certificate.

Below is a small sample of the LEGO workshops I’ve run, from building local landmarks to STEM-related activities and more.