LEGO workshops for schools in the UK by Bricks McGee

Our school workshops with LEGO bricks are designed to engage and educate from ages 5 – 11 years old, with clear learning outcomes tailored to match your curriculum and class abilities.

We typically run 4 hour-long sessions throughout the day, and can run a variety of activities with LEGO bricks across the school day.

Key stage 1 workshops

Workshops for Key Stage 1 pupils aged 5 – 7 years old are a great way to introduce excitement in to the classroom, and reinforce key lessons and information in a memorable, fun way.

A sample of workshops available are:

  • Pullback LEGO race cars – learn about forces as pupils build their own pullback race car with a LEGO motor, and compete in a mini championship at the end of the session.
  • LEGO bridges and towers – the concepts between building the longest-spanning bridge and tallest tower encourage thinking around how the design effects the performance of each model.
  • Balloon cars – another example of forces in action, our LEGO balloon car workshops provides a captivating way to introduce key science topics in to the school day.
  • LEGO City building – a popular choice introducing younger years to LEGO building.

Activity topics are flexible and can be tailored to suit your take on the curriculum.

LEGO primary school workshops in the UK

A mixture of teamwork and individual challenges make our workshops with LEGO bricks for schools a surefire hit with pupils and teachers alike!

All school workshops encourage critical thinking, as well as testing and refining models to produce desired results for the challenge.

School workshops with LEGO bricks in the UK

Key Stage 2 workshops

Our Key Stage 2 workshops with LEGO bricks are designed for pupils aged 7 and 11 years old. They can match key elements of the curriculum in a way tailored to your school, college or academy.

As children develop with age, we’re able to offer more challenging scenarios and challenges to solve using LEGO bricks, creating rewarding sessions for all abilities.

Wellbeing days for schools with LEGO bricks

The serenity that comes building with LEGO bricks doesn’t have to be curriculum related, either: many schools and colleges have introduced LEGO play and build sessions in to their school wellbeing days for pupils and teachers alike.

Good mental health and the small things we do every day are extremely important for pupils of all ages, and the mindfulness which LEGO building tasks generate can be a very powerful tool for maintaining mental health throughout pupils’ lives.

From primary to secondary level education, wellbeing workshops with LEGO bricks are an excellent way to lighten the load from exams and deadlines.

LEGO bricks for play sessions in UK schools

Book a workshop for your school

Bricks McGee workshops with LEGO bricks provide everything a school needs to run a successful day of activities and challenges for primary schools.

Workshops are bookable by the day and our costs include a DBS-checked facilitator, LEGO hire, and travel costs for the day.

Our workshop facilitators are all DBS checked and we have Public Liability Insurance cover of £5 million for added peace of mind.

Email Richard at to book your session. Let us know any preferred dates you have, as well as a rough capacity for each class.