Big Brick City Survey 2022 - most popular LEGO city or town name

Our Big Brick City Survey 2022 was a global attempt to answer a burning question for the LEGO fan community – what is the most common name for LEGO cities and towns in the world?

It’s taken us longer than we thought to process the data submitted in to a meaningful report, but here are the highlights from the survey results – a fuller report for 2022’s Big Brick City Survey is now available on that website.

The most popular LEGO city name is…

Here are the 10 most popular LEGO city names from our 2022 survey. Unnamed cities were in fact the most common answer we received, accounting for around 14% of all entries. Removing those, the most popular name for LEGO cities is LEGO City, followed by many brick and LEGO-related names.

No. City / town name
1 LEGO City
2 Bricktopia
3= Bricktown
3= Brickville
3= City
3= Brickston
3= Brickpolis
3= Legoredo
3= LEGO Island
3= Legotown

Over 50% of entrants named their city or town with a brick-based name.

Most interesting LEGO town names

There was quite some creativity with a selection of town names. Here are some of the strangest we found:

  • Guntopia – no prizes for guessing which country this city was founded in
  • Bleyridge – we assume this is related to the LEGO colour “bley”, or “bluish grey”
  • Forever Sorting – we know the feeling!
  • PAWS (Post-Apocalypse Wasteland Survivor) – we’re getting “Apocalypseburg” vibes from this one

There was a noticeable minority of LEGO towns named after children or their parents (or both), too – a nice hint to the fact that many families build (and destroy!) their cities together.

Other findings about LEGO cities

LEGO landmarks workshops activity

Here’s an overview of interesting or unexpected findings from the survey last year.

  • The most common year for starting a LEGO city was 2020 – we suspect this is quite likely to the global Covid-19 pandemic which kept many people at home for extended periods of time!
  • The most popular landmark in your cities was a park or public space – though the same percentage of LEGO cities didn’t have a notable landmark at all
  • The most common type of governance for LEGO cities was an elected mayor. Shout out to the one city who had Batman as a mayor, presumably twinned with the city who has Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons as its mayor!
  • 12% of cities were under the rule of a monarchy or dictatorship – with the clear majority of these cities being run by a sigfig of the city builder themselves
  • Almost 80% of LEGO cities and towns were displayed in a bedroom or study at home. Just over 10% of cities were in storage and only occasionally set up for display (and play!)


Of course, there are some obvious caveats to the data and the answers here, though it seems to be the closest answer to “what is the most popular LEGO city name?” we can find online! Known limits and issues are:

  • The survey is very biased towards English-speaking countries and communities, because our survey was only provided in English. Despite that, around 20% of entrants had cities named in a language other than English.
  • There is a general increase over time towards more cities being built in more recent years. This is likely in part to the “recency effect” as if you’re building a city at the moment you’re much more likely to have responded than if you only built one decades ago

Thank yous

Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey last year – we hope to run the survey again later in 2023 to see if we can detect trends over years.

A big thank you to Henry who processed all of the entries and did the statistical analysis, and to Lewis for his help developing fun virtual models to promote the survey.