LEGO model commissions by Bricks McGee

I’m Richard, and I have been an avid LEGO fan since I can remember.

I work with people, businesses, museums and libraries on bespoke LEGO model commissions for a variety of projects. I also help organise and run LEGO-themed events for museums and libraries, and love getting the public collaborating on LEGO projects.

An AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) based in the UK, I build personally for displays throughout the UK at LEGO exhibitions and shows, and have had the pleasure of displaying at large LEGO fan events as well as at events including those organised by the National Railway Museum and Durham Cathedral. I have a small selection of previous custom LEGO models I’ve built available to view on this website; for more content, check my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

2017 saw my first public LEGO exhibition, Little Landmarks, launch at South Shields Museum, too – featuring 11 models of local landmarks, including the Customs House Theatre (pictured).

In 2018 I launched Bricks + Beers events – informal social events for adults who want to come and play with LEGO with the pressures of joining a LEGO User Group.

My LEGO models, displays & commissions

Here’s how I may be able to help you:

  1. I work with museums to develop LEGO exhibitions and events to increase their. For more information, see Museum Bricks.
  2. I’ve built a huge range of LEGO models for commission – do you need someone to design and build a LEGO model for you? Contact me at bricksmcgee@­richard­carter­consultancy­.com.
  3. I’m available to talk to the media about LEGO collecting and LEGO fandom (and have done to local news outlets, as well as national newspapers, and even a French TV crew!).
  4. I have hired my LEGO collection to companies including IKEA to help with promotional events.
  5. If you’re an adult LEGO fan in the UK, you may want to join a LEGO User Group (a “LUG”) – I have a list of LEGO User Groups in the UK here.
  6. I’m a huge fan of the UK Adult Fans Of LEGO (AFOL) community and maintain an annual list of LEGO events in the UK. See UK LEGO events for 2017 and UK LEGO events for 2018.
  7. I display at LEGO events around the UK throughout the year; come and see some of my models on display!