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“I’m a LEGO fan from Serbia.”

Jonas, probably better known as @BrickJonas_Hu is another talented LEGO builder I originally came across on Twitter, and loved his builds. More recently, his LEGO Factory model (a collaborative with an Italian LEGO fan) got some great traction, and was even reviewed by Huw of Brickset.

Lead image: Brickset.

What is your favourite LEGO set?

LEGO Parisian Restaurant
My favourite LEGO set is probably the Parisian Restaurant (10243). I love how the designers included a lot of details in both the exterior and interior and I also like that they “played” a little bit with the size of it and it’s not the classic 32 stud wide Modular Building. I also like the nice SNOT building techniques around the windows on the first floor and on the roof details with the croissants.”

It’s a great set – the technique for the roof is so inventive, and the colour scheme is beautiful. Which AFOL doesn’t enjoy a large amount of olive green?!


LEGO fan model

What’s the best MOC you’ve built so far?

“Hmm, that’s a great question! If you ask me, I’d say that my best MOC so far is the LEGO Factory – that was a collaboration between my friend Gabriele Zannotti (Zanna) and me. I think we managed to make a quite unique and playable creation, so it should be interesting for both kids and adults. 🙂 That was our LEGO Ideas project too. Unfortunately it is now expired, but the last ~1,5 year was a very good  experience for me with this project. Many people like my minifig scale LEGO exhibition too, which I built 4 years ago, but it’s still very popular, so I think one of these two is my best MOC.”

It is a great model – a real shame it didn’t make it on LEGO Ideas, but I’m sure it garnered you a lot of attention online! Great to see that Huw, the founder of, even reviewed the set (Huw’s review of the LEGO Factory model here)!

Where do you build your LEGO models?

Jonas' LEGO storage

“I build my LEGO models in my small bedroom, nothing special. But I can say that I only have a bed, a desk and a huuuge amount of LEGO bricks in my room. I’m running out of space, by the way… 🙂 ”

This looks a lot neater than many LEGO build rooms – including my own!

What’s your next planned LEGO model?

“Unfortunately I don’t have too much time to build creations (especially with physical bricks), but I’m preparing a digital creation for a Rebrick contest and I’m currently working on a brand new LEGO Ideas project with Zanna.”

Which LEGO builder(s) do you admire most?

“I really like Chris McVeighJonas Kramm and Elspeth De Montes, they’re really talented builders in my opinion, because they always use some simple elements in a way that I would never imagine, and they also make high quality photos of their models, which is very important when it comes to presenting MOCs. I also like Adeel Zubair‘s MOCs and he also uses some fantastic building techniques!”

LEGO fan model

Favourite LEGO colour?

“Dark Tan (Sand Yellow) or Sand Green, I can’t decide :)”

These colours work really well to balance some of the brighter LEGO colours, especially in landscapes! I’m partial to dark tan myself!

LEGO fan model

What’s your favourite LEGO element?

“Angular Brick 1X1 – or better known as Erling Bricks. I use this brick in many situations: for SNOT techniques, especially in smaller creations, but it can give a nice texture and depth to a simple wall too. I like this brick so much that I’ve named one of my creations after it, the Erling’s Café Mini Modular!

Image: Jonas (Flickr)

Most unlikely source for inspiration for a LEGO model?

“I check Instagram nearly every day and I find sometimes great photos from other LEGO builders or nice shots of real buildings (I mainly build buildings, so that’s why I only mention those photos), but I really like to travel and visit beautiful cities, so that’s a source of inspiration for me too. I make many photos and when I get home from my holidays, I always find some nice buildings which I could make in LEGO. :)”

Which theme do you wish LEGO would bring back?

LEGO Indiana Jones set (Brickset)

“I really liked the Indiana Jones LEGO sets, but I only managed to get 1 of them, so that would be a great theme to bring back!”

Some fantastic sets – and figures – in the Indiana Jones sets7622-1: Race for the Stolen Treasure is still on my wanted list, all these years later!


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