Bricktastic 2023 - LEGO fan event in Manchester UK - National Library of Ireland model

Bricktastic LEGO fan event Manchester 2023

Our round up of the biggest LEGO fan event in the UK- Bricktastic 2023 in Manchester, England.

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LEGO fan interview with Daniel Gibbs, designer of the LEGO Ideas Shrek model

LEGO fan interview – Daniel Bradley and his LEGO Ideas Shrek model

Bricks McGee’s Richard talks to Dan Bradley, designer of the Shrek’s Hideout LEGO set which has made 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas.

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LEGO fan interview with Andy Hoang of Beyond Blocks

LEGO fan interview: Andy from Beyond Blocks

We talk to Andy from Beyond Blocks about all things LEGO robotics, and getting in to the LEGO hobby as an adult.

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LEGO fan interview - Willow project on LEGO Ideas

LEGO fan interview – Tobi from Germany

In our latest LEGO fan interview, we speak to Tobi who lives in Germany and has a Willow themed model on LEGO Ideas.

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LEGO Boeing 747 model by Daz Jones - LEGO Ideas

LEGO fan interview with Daz Jones

In another of our LEGO fan interview series, we speak to Australian AFOL Daz about his Boeing 747 Cockpit model on LEGO Ideas.

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The Idea Brick - LEGO card game for LEGO builders - Angus Deacon

LEGO Fan Interview: Angus from The Idea Brick

In this LEGO fan interview, we talk to Angus from The Idea Brick, who are releasing a card game based on our favourite plastic blocks.

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LEGO Ideas Trex - Bricks Easy

LEGO fan interview with Andrej of Bricks Easy

We speak to Andrej, the face behind the Bricks Easy LEGO blog.

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LEGO Ideas - Jaws - Orca boat model

AFOL Interview with Paul, the builder of Jaws on LEGO Ideas

An interview with LEGO fan Paul, aka Paul / Lego Pan Brickworx, covering his LEGO hobby and brilliant Jaws-themed model on LEGO Ideas.

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LEGO Technic Seesaw model by Jorge Moreno

LEGO fan interview with Jorge Moreno, LEGO Engineering Fundamentals book

In our regular LEGO fan interview feature, Bricks McGee speaks to Jorge Moreno, a South American AFOL and author of a rather nifty book on LEGO Technic – LEGO Engineering Fundamentals.

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LEGO fan interview with James Pegrum of Brick To The Past

We talk to LEGO builder James Pegrum, part of the brilliant Brick To The Past collaborative, as part of our AFOL interview series.

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Virtual LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

4 ways to team-build with LEGO® bricks on Zoom video calls

Our team-building experts share our tips for engaging activities using LEGO bricks during Zoom conference calls.

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LEGO fan interview with Steve Guinness, aka TheBrickConsultant

AFOL interview with @thebrickconsultant – Steve Guinness

An interview with Steve Guinness, aka @thebrickconsultant. Winner of LEGO Masters series 1 in the UK, and creator of the LEGO ideas typewriter project.

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