Old Oak Common HS2 LEGO model by Bricks McGee

Tasked with creating a building that didn’t exist yet, Bricks McGee started with a digital LEGO model of the whole station at Old Oak Common, allowing us to iterate the design with the client as it developed.

Once approved, we started the laborious process of building it with real LEGO bricks – all 15,000 of them!

The model is now used as an education tool for school visits and the general public, allowing HS2 to give an idea of what’s coming to the site.

A bird’s eye view realised with LEGO bricks

Top down view of the Oak Old Common HS2 station LEGO model by Bricks McGee

A key aim of the model was as tool to engage the public, helping them to visualise how the huge building site would be transformed in to the new station. Our custom model of LEGO bricks was first built digitally by us, and then transferred from computer screen to real life LEGO bricks.

Around 15,000 LEGO bricks were used to bring the model from the screen to its 3D counterpart – everything from the trees and pool to a community art wall, cycle lanes, bus stops and taxis are included!

Digital model render of the HS2 Old Oak Common custom LEGO model

A top down view of the station and the plaza area, with plenty of LEGO brick studs visible!

Large custom LEGO display model for HS2 - Old Oak Common station

HS2 Old Oak Common custom LEGO model with lighting

LED lighting gives an extra dimension to the model’s LEGO bricks

Bringing the model to life with lighting

The model also features LED lighting built in to the LEGO bricks, allowing us to highlight a crucial feature of the new railway station – the HS2 lines that will deliver thousands of passengers each day.

The lighting is integral to the model, and provides a range of settings to allow the lighting to be adapted to the venue the model is being displayed in.

Using square blocks to recreate a curvy roofline

One of the eye-catching features of the new Old Oak Common station model is the array of curved roof panels stretching across the concourse and the primary footbridge to platforms. This futuristic roof needed to be recreated in LEGO bricks – but how?

After much experimentation, we found our solution, and the result is an impressive shell sitting amongst the greenery of the new plaza area for passengers.

HS2 Old Oak Common LEGO model - roof sections