Best LEGO train videos 2016

A selection of the best LEGO train videos in 2016, for all of you LEGO railway addicts.

As some of you who follow me on Twitter (@TheBricksMcGee) will know, I recently started a Bricks McGee YouTube channel for my LEGO videos. Doing that has prompted me to spend more hours than I’d like to admit watching LEGO and LEGO train/railway videos on YouTube, and I thought I’d put some of that time spent in to something enjoyable for others. So, here’s my list of best LEGO train videos for 2016 (so far, at least!).

JANGBRiCK’s LEGO train station MOC

I’ve always been a keen follower of JANGBRiCK’s impressive LEGO collection through his YouTube channel, and this year’s series of videos following the development of a new LEGO train station for his LEGO metropolis is definitely required viewing for any LEGO railway fans!

DunsterBricks’ impressive LEGO train set up running through multiple rooms

DunsterBricks on YouTube has a great selection of LEGO train videos, and this one posted in May of his huge multi-level LEGO train set up caught my eye in particular.

PennLug’s huge LEGO railroad layout

As captured by The Brick Show, PennLug’s (Pennsylvania’s LEGO User Group) always impressive railroad scenes in LEGO were up to their usual high standards in this video.

BrickTsar’s PennLUG LEGO trains video

PennLUG are back again, this time with a video from BrickTsar, another prominent LEGO video blogger. There’s more close up videos of some fantastic custom LEGO locomotives running here at Philly Brick Fest 2016:

My own Ambridge Railway Station in LEGO

A bit of a cheat, but a great weekend at the Bricktastic LEGO show in Manchester this summer saw the first full outing of my Ambridge LEGO railway layout, and I managed to capture a video of a few passes of various LEGO freight and passenger trains passing by. I’m not sure how many profile bricks I used in this display, but all I know is I need more!

That’s it for now; I’ll keep adding the best LEGO railway videos I find this year as I find them.