Developed from the Bricks McGee Playground, our inhouse laboratory for all things LEGO bricks, the Art Gallery project provides a minimal structure for our contributing artists and builders to contribute to our art gallery.

Bricks McGee collaboratibe art gallery and museum standard - project logo

Create. Together.

Our art gallery project was developed as a collaborative standard for building a “miniland” scale art gallery and museum.

It is designed to provide a sizeable build project for LEGO fans of all ages.


Our aims

Bricks McGee had several aims when developing the art gallery standard:

  1. To create a visually appealing format at a reasonable size for exhibition and other displays
  2. To explore art – both famous and from new and emerging artists – and how it can be interpreted in LEGO bricks
  3. To create a modular system capable of integration from other builders no matter where they were built in the world

The standards

Instructions for the modules will be released at a later date.

Download instructions for the base modules for the Art Gallery below:

  • Straight module (48 x 16 studs footprint) – not yet available
  • Corner module (32 x 32 studs footprint) – not yet available

These instructions are provided as-are for personal use and collaboration for LEGO User Groups worldwide.

If you have any queries, please do email us but be aware it can take several working days for responses.