LEGO workshops for museums in the UK

Upcoming LEGO workshops and activities in museums

I get asked on a regular basis by families at my LEGO workshops where else they can find me next, and I’m often terrible at remembering details of my next public LEGO workshops on the spot.

I’ve compiled this list to help provide some pointers about where you might find me running LEGO events around the UK in the future, which I will update on a regular basis.

Book your own LEGO workshops

This is a list of upcoming LEGO workshops and activities I’m running.

Please note a significant number of venues request that I don’t publicise the workshops I’m running for them myself, as they’re either fully booked already, are only available to friends of the museum, are private sessions not open to the public, or have other special booking requirements.

Of course, if you’d like to see LEGO workshops running in your favourite museum, feel free to suggest me!

Summer 2019 workshops

14 June 2019, Bowes Museum – Bricks + Beers workshop for adults.

29 – 30 July 2019 – Newham Libraries (London)

6 August 2019 – Newham Libraries (London)

Ipswich Museums, August 2019.
Sheffield Bricktropolis, August 2019.

Autumn 2019 workshops

4 October 2019, Bowes Museum – Bricks + Beers workshop for adults.