LEGO corporate team-building workshops in London by Bricks McGee

We have a wide range of activities to consider:

  • Corporate team building workshops in Liverpool – great for building teams the literal way, for new client gatherings, and more. Get hands on with our range of activities with LEGO bricks tried and tested with clients across the UK
  • Play pit with LEGO brick hire – great for an impact at events large and small
  • Workshops for schools – great for primary school level pupils, with a range of science, DT, STEM and
  • Events for museums and visitor attractions in and around Liverpool

Contact us to discuss your perfect event with LEGO bricks in Liverpool or Manchester – we’re happy to advise on what might work best for your venue, number of participants, and theme!

Corporate team building sessions in Liverpool

Get hands on with LEGO bricks in our range of corporate team building workshops.

LEGO corporate team building workshops in London and UK

From 5 to 250 people, our team building workshops and activities with LEGO bricks are designed to engage, entertain and educate.

Our range of activities includes something for every situation, and we’re happy to adapt and advise on activities tailored to you:

  • Ice-breaker activities – ideal for newly introduced teams in your organisation
  • Technical challenges – join together and compete against other teams in a range of classic and novel LEGO brick challenges
  • Creative challenges – get weird and wonderful with our range of LEGO brick challenges where creativity reigns

Check out our article on the benefits of LEGO bricks for team building here.

School workshops with LEGO bricks in Liverpool

If you’re looking to liven up the classroom and reinforce topics with LEGO bricks in Liverpool, Bricks McGee can help!

Our workshops are aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2 and cover science, STEM, DT and wellbeing topics.

LEGO fan events in Liverpool and Merseyside

If you’re a LEGO fan in Liverpool or Merseyside, check out these local LEGO fan events: