Sheffield BID - LEGO workshops client

What would most people do given an empty shop in Sheffield City Centre? Turn it in to a LEGO play area for two weeks? Well, I would, but I suspect many people wouldn’t. Yet this is precisely what the bright people at Sheffield Business Improvement District (Sheffield BID) did!

Sheffield Bricktropolis 2018 transformed a shop on Barker’s Pool, near Sheffield City Hall, in to a hub for LEGO workshops for well over 1000 children over two weeks.

We also ran adult-only LEGO workshops as part of “Bricks + Beers” across venues throughout the city in the evening.

What were the workshops?

Planned by Rich from Stackable, we ran a range of workshops suited to different age groups (5+ – 8+ years old), with plenty of DUPLO and other LEGO bricks available for younger children to play with too.