Durham University LEGO Society workshop

I was recently invited to run some LEGO workshops for adult LEGO fans at Durham University.

As an alumni of the university, it was a pleasure to go back to my roots and enjoy an evening of LEGO challenges with Durham students.

It was a pleasure to meet so many adult LEGO fans in Durham at this event.

After a short presentation about my LEGO hobby and progression to Bricks McGee as a LEGO business, the evening gave way to LEGO activities:

  • Speed building – how fast could attendees build a small LEGO set without instructions – just reverse-engineering the design from the photograph of the set on the packaging? Surprisingly fast, in some cases, we discovered – we had some excellent times from a few members!
  • Themed LEGO build – members were asked to build something that invoked the theme of “Durham” to them; we have some fabulous builds from the purposefully limited LEGO parts available, including an aerial map of Durham featuring the castle, cathedral and river flowing through the city; an excellent 3D interpretation of Prebends Bridge; and a very meta model of the building table we were sat around, featuring mini models of the models others were building!

I hope to be back again next year for another lovely evening surrounded by Durham University’s brightest LEGO builders!

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