A list of UK LEGO User Groups

I’ve been a LEGO fan for a very long time, but have found joining a LEGO User Group (well, four!) has made me part of a wider community of people who love LEGO as much (and sometimes more!) than I do.

I’ve been a LEGO fan for a very long time, but have found joining a LEGO User Group (well, three!) has made me part of a wider community of people who love LEGO as much (and sometimes more!) than I do.

Essentially, it’s comforting to know that in the scheme of things, my LEGO collection is almost under control! This list of LEGO User Groups in the UK is designed to help people like me who didn’t think LEGO User Groups existed, and that there weren’t any adult LEGO fans in my area.

What is a LEGO User Group (LUG)?

A LEGO User Group is a group of LEGO fans who meet either physically or online. Also known as LUGs, LEGO User Groups offer a chance for (typically adult) LEGO fans to connect with like-minded people. LUGs meet for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Displaying at LEGO (and other) shows and exhibitions around the UK
  • Socialising and discussing the latest LEGO sets with other fans
  • Trading/swapping LEGO sets and parts between members
  • Sharing news of discounts on LEGO sets
  • Sharing tips on the latest modelling techniques (if this interests you, you should read the New Elementary blog!)

A LUG is not necessarily approved by LEGO itself, though some LUGs are “registered LUGs” who meet certain criteria from LEGO, and have a relationship with LEGO themselves. You can see registered LUGs on this map on LEGO’s website.

LEGO User Groups in the UK

This is a list of LEGO User Groups in the UK. I’m sure this list isn’t complete, so feel free to contact me to have your LUG added, or inform me of any other LEGO User Groups I’ve missed.

LUG name & website LUG location Twitter Facebook Membership fee Comments
UK-wide LEGO User Groups
The Brickish Association
UK-wide n/a Brickish on Facebook (unofficial group) Yes As of late 2018/early 2019, Brickish will incorporate Sheffield LEGO User Group members too (SLUG), under the Brickish name.
LUGs in the Midlands
Brick Central LUG
Midlands Brick Central on Facebook Yes
Facebook page
Matlock & District LEGO User Group MatBlocks members group on Facebook No
LUGs in Southern England & London
Brighton Bricks Brighton Brighton Bricks on Twitter Brighton Bricks on Facebook Monthly meetings for AFOLs in the Brighton and Hove area.
Gloucestershire Adult LUG
Cirencester £8 per year “The first meeting will be on the 14th April at Cirencester Ashcroft Church from 4pm – 6pm. People will be able to swaps bricks with others and in the future will be able to buy Lego from the group. There will be monthly meetings on the second Saturday of each month.”
London AFOLs
London n/a London AFOLs on Facebook £3 charge per meeting. Monthly meetings with speed building and swap/trade opportunities.
LUGs in Northern England (North East, North West, Yorkshire)
Brick Alley
Darlington, County Durham Brick Alley on Twitter Brick Alley on Facebook £10 per year Monthly AFOL meetups on the 2nd Sunday of each month at Head of Steam Museum in Darlington. Regular opportunities to display at shows and longer term exhbitions.
Yorkshire Brickshire on Twitter Brickshire on Facebook £10 per year
LNUR – LEGO Northern UK Railway
Northern England & Scotland LNUR on Twitter LNUR on Facebook Free for qualifying members Not technically a LUG; an interest group for AFOLs wanting to build and display collaborative LEGO train displays.
Northern Brickworks
Northern England: Manchester, Yorkshire, North East n/a Northern Brickworks on Facebook Yes Not much is publicly visible on the website – members are able to see a lot more!
Sheffield LUG
sheffied­lug.orgMerging with Brickish LUG, late 2018.
Sheffield, Yorkshire n/a Sheffield LUG on Facebook Yes Meetings last Sunday of each month, details on website and Facebook page. Recognised LUG.
LUGs in Scotland
Tartan LUG
Dundee, Aberdeen, elsewhere in Scotland Tartan LUG on Twitter Tartan LUG on Facebook Yes
Brick M8
Brick M8 on Facebook
Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the M8 corridor Brick M8 on Facebook No
See also: LNUR (LEGO Northern UK Railway) above.
LUGs in Ireland
Irish LEGO User Group
Northern Ireland the the Republic of Ireland (Eire) IrishLUG on Twitter Irish LUG on Facebook Yes