Are you looking for an activity to engage large teams across multiple sites worldwide?

Our unique team building experience creates a mosaic from LEGO® bricks, which panels built by colleagues across one or more days at a venue of your choosing.

Hands-on LEGO mosaic team building activity

Hands-on activity great for large company-wide events

Bring company-wide colleagues together with a unique mosaic team-building experience with a Bricks McGee mosaic created together from real LEGO elements.

From 50 to 500+, this activity is ideal as a single or multi-day event to generate excitement within your organisation.

Turn your design in to a mosaic built from real LEGO bricks!

Each mosaic we create is customised to our client, with a bespoke design we then replicate with LEGO bricks for you.

The beauty of this is the completion of the mosaic drives engagement, with your message or imagery revealed as your colleagues build panels with our seasoned facilitators to complete the mosaic.

LEGO Mosaic design close up - built by company teams in the UK, Australia, USA and South America from LEGO Dots

LEGO mosaic building activity - ideal for large group activities, company away days, and team building in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia

Build your mosaic at your company event

From 50 to 500 or more, this is a great activity for company-wide days, quarterly reviews, or transitions after business acquisitions or mergers.

We can advise on suitable size of mosaics for one day and multiple-day events, as well as multisite events with venues throughout the world.

Teambuilding with LEGO bricks around the world

Once your mosaic design is approved, we ship the LEGO bricks to you, and our facilitators help you build your mosaic over one or more days as part of a company-wide event.

We’ve brought our mosaic activity to clients in the UK, North America, South America and Asia so far.

How it works

Typical lead time for our mosaic events is from 4 weeks:

  1. Tell us how many participants, and how many sites you’d like to include (and where!)
  2. Once your event is approved, we will create a mosaic design for you to amend and sign off
  3. On the day, we’ll arrive with all of the LEGO bricks your team will need to create the mosaic, plus a backing board to make installing your mosaic easier!

Contact Richard via to discuss your event.