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Custom LEGO Models

A selection of custom LEGO models I’ve built for LEGO model commissions and for my own pure enjoyment!

I love building models to LEGO minifigure scale, and also have experience building LEGO models at both larger and smaller scales.

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Personally, I tend to build LEGO models at minifigure-scale (or thereabouts), and am working my way through building a range of LEGO railway stations, locomotives and rolling stock for displays around the UK (including collaborative displays with LNUR). I do, however, enjoy a range of building styles and scales, as well as topics for LEGO models.

You can find plenty more LEGO models – both completed and in-progress – on my Flickr account, the Bricks McGee Twitter account, and my Facebook page.

A selection of LEGO models I’ve built

Here’s a small selection of some of the LEGO models I’ve built and displayed over the years.