LEGO logo model for office wall - Coca-Cola LEGO logo model

As the centrepiece for a 3m “grafitti wall” in Coca Cola’s Dublin offices, Bricks McGee created this 1 metre long model of their logo in LEGO bricks. Once the design was approved, we built the model, gluing all components to make it suitable for a heavy-use area and for full-on contact on a daily basis.

A thirst for creativity

Recreating the classic sweeping curves of the Coca-Cola brand was certainly challenging for our custom model design team, who used a variety of “wedge plates” and other curved pieces to replicate one of the world’s most recognisable logos.

The graffiti wall has troughs of loose LEGO bricks along the base, allowing employees to build whatever they please around the Coca-Cola logo model on to wall-mounted baseplates matching the client’s brand colours.

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