LEGO model of Jospehine Bowes' painting

Surely one of the UK’s most under-rated museums, the Bowes Museum has a huge and varied collection in its keeping.

Based in County Durham, in the town of Bishop Auckland, the museum worked with Brick This to create a trail of LEGO® recreations of its most famous pieces, from paintings to ships and even a theatre in Paris which belonged to the Bowes family.

As part of a collaboration with Brick This, Bricks McGee created and worked on a number of LEGO® models for the exhibition, including:

  • An elaborate writing desk
  • A sailed collier ship
  • The facade of the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris
  • Darly, the Darlington Building Society masoct

Other models within the exhibition include a LEGO® representation of the famous silver swan automata – well worth a look!