Custom LEGO model of city for Dell for exhibition stand, with lights and moving train

We crafted a custom city diorama from LEGO bricks for Dell for use at exhibitions around the world.

The diorama includes a working LEGO train, any multiple lighting set ups to present receivers and transmitters across the cityscape. The full model was glued for transport globally, and made modular for easy transport.

Lighting up the exhibition hall with bespoke models from LEGO bricks

Our brief was to create a city to showcase how Dell Technologies can help clients in the telecommunications space.

It was go big, or go home – and Bricks McGee went the extra mile in creating a large diorama from LEGO bricks, with custom lighting throughout, a working train set, and so much more.

The model needed to be big and eye catching, and contain caricatures of everything you would find in a global city, from skyscrapers to townhouses, and industry to commerce.

LEGO city - Dell diorama custom LEGO model for exhibitions

Building a real draw for exhibiton visitors

The model needed to fill a reasonable space and draw in expo visitors to give Dell’s sales team a warmer greeting for potential clients. The full model was 2 metres long and 1 metre deep, and full of LEGO bricks!

Making use of forced perspective, our model designers were able to create the feel of a large LEGO metropolis in a few square metres. Full of visual interest for visitors to the exhibitions – and providing a true talking piece for all at the event.