Custom LEGO model of a London office building for Sona

This playset style model brings the client’s workspace to life with a brilliantly playful recreation in LEGO bricks.

As a custom model built from LEGO bricks, we designed everything specifically for the client, from the desks, pot plants and computers to the floor and external walls of their central London office.

A model beautiful inside and out

The client wanted to capture both the layout and the character of their central London offices using LEGO bricks to make the model more endearing than a strictly architectural model.

External render of LEGO London office model for Sona AM

Interior of custom LEGO model of Sona's central London office

Using some clever scaling to make the key details of the client’s office building fit within their chosen footprint, Bricks McGee created a replica with LEGO bricks featuring each team members’ desk and computer, a cosy kitchen space, a vibrant reception area, server room and – of course – the toilets!

Interior detail of central London office model in LEGO bricks

Hide and seek

The completed model is built from some 3000 LEGO bricks. Can you spot:

  • 15 pot plants?
  • A mini model of this mini LEGO model in the boardroom?
  • The toilets?

The model is now displayed in the client’s boardroom for the team and their clients to enjoy, bringing a little joy from LEGO bricks to every visitor.