Newcastle Central Station LEGO train display

LEGO is phenomenally popular these days, and museums and other public spaces can capitalise on this to increase public engagement.

With organisation and support of LEGO exhibitions and events by Bricks McGee, you benefit from insight in the LEGO modeling and events garnered over more than a decade of adult fandom. LEGO events can attract key new audiences to your venue, and expose them to greater uptake and interaction in the long term.

How I can help plan your LEGO event

If you’re unfamiliar with terminology or even LEGO itself, organising an event can be a daunting task. Bricks McGee can help:

  • advise your museum, library or organisation on the feasibility of different LEGO-themed events
  • generate ideas for LEGO-themed events, exhibitions and workshops to target your selected audiences – from children and families to teenagers and adult LEGO fans (AFOLs)
  • source LEGO parts for hire (or purchase) to support the event activities
  • design and build commissioned LEGO models to help support your marketing and PR campaign around the event

LEGO events for museums

As a medium for events to engage families, younger children and even teenagers, LEGO can be very versatile.

  • Interactive, hands-on LEGO building activities, from building local landmarks, to robots
  • Mass participation LEGO events including maps of your local area and other large-scale collaborative builds
  • Workshop-style LEGO events around specific themes. These can be particularly relevant to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) topics for groups of all ages

If you would like to discuss working with Bricks McGee to host a LEGO event, please contact me via in the first instance.