Arbeia Roman Fort in LEGO at South Shields Museum

LEGO model exhibitions, events & workshops for museums

Are you looking for something different to attract visitors to your museum? LEGO events, workshops and exhibitions in your museum are a great way to draw in crowds.

Whether you’re a large, national museum or a smaller, regional museum, Bricks McGee can help you attract a new audience.

I’m a seasoned LEGO model builder based in the UK, and have a passion for bringing LEGO to museums and libraries, from building full museum exhibitions in LEGO to running family-friendly events and workshops. The events and exhibitions can be customised to your own venue and museum audience, as well as key themes in your collection.

How LEGO activities, workshops and exhibitions can help your museum

LEGO bricks are as popular as ever, and with my help you can provide a new reason for visitors to visit your museum and leave with a positive view. There are a range of ways we can help introduce LEGO to your museum:

  • Commissioning a bespoke LEGO exhibition of exhibits to provide a new twist on existing exhibits or your museums’ themes.
  • Running LEGO play workshops for families with a range of themes and age-targeting. From building LEGO bridges to creating LEGO replicas of key items in your museum collection, LEGO building can be used to engage visitors of all ages with your collection.
  • Advising on LEGO materials you can make available to all visitors in your museum.
  • Provide training for museum staff to run your own LEGO events in-house.

This is launching as a separate service, Museum Bricks, in 2018.

Please contact me to arrange a call to discuss your museum’s requirements; from small budgets to larger budgets, Bricks McGee can help you plan, organise, promote and run LEGO events and exhibitions.