LEGO corporate team building workshops in London and UK

Looking for an unusual idea for corporate away days which doesn’t involved a golf day, high ropes, paintballing or outdoor pursuits?

A play session with LEGO bricks may be the answer! Individual and team based challenges and activities throughout the day, providing a fun-filled day to remember with

The event can be hosted at a variety of venues to suit your team size and supporting aims, or we can work with you to identify suitable venues in cities throughout the UK.

How does a away day with LEGO bricks work?

Bricks McGee offer corporate away and team-building days involving a broad range of activities using LEGO bricks as a tool for communication and interaction. We work with clients across the UK, from London to Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford, Newcastle, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Cardiff and in many more locations.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements in more detail.