LEGO corporate team-building workshops in London by Bricks McGee

Consultancy for LEGO brick models

Hello! We’re Bricks McGee, and we love LEGO bricks, and have acted as consultants for clients large and small who need help with something LEGO-related.

Since 2012 we’ve built models and run workshops with LEGO bricks for a range of clients across the world, so you’re in the right place if you’re looking for consultancy with LEGO related projects.

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How our consultants can help with your LEGO project

How our consultants can help with your LEGO project

Our team has a wide range of skills with LEGO bricks, including:

  • Building LEGO sets and custom models for TV and video productions
  • Providing advice and procuring LEGO bricks for corporate clients for “build walls” or “graffiti walls”
  • Advising on corporate team-building events from 10 to 500+ people
  • Media appearances to discuss the LEGO hobby and the LEGO as a career

From advising how much, to consulting on which LEGO set is best for your production, Bricks McGee are adaptable and passionate about LEGO.




Our past consultancy clients

Our past consultancy clients

Previous consultancy clients for LEGO projects have included:

  • IKEA
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Arm
  • University of Birmingham

Please contact us to discuss your project; it’s helpful to mention any relevant dates and deadlines if you can, as well as giving an overview of what you’d like to achieve with LEGO bricks!