LEGO workshops in the UK

LEGO bricks for hire in the UK

Do you need to hire LEGO bricks in the UK? Look no further!

Whether it’s for a corporate team-building event, LEGO building workshop, or to add some fun to a conference, hundreds of thousands of LEGO elements are available for short and long term hire.

Short term LEGO hire is ideal for one or two day events, whilst long term LEGO brick hire could be used as a permanent play pit for children (and adults) within your venue, whether it’s a museum, library, office or elsewhere.

From “standard” LEGO bricks to special model kits to allow specific models such as cars, trains and robots to be built, the LEGO you hire is tailored to your requirements.

I’m also happy to advise on the amount of LEGO you may need for your event; just ask!

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Corporate LEGO hire

Corporate LEGO hire

Our LEGO bricks are available for hire from one day to several weeks, or even months!

We pride ourselves on hiring out only clean, good condition LEGO parts, and can tailor the quantity and part variation to your desired activities.

Previous corporate LEGO hire clients have included:

  • Mastercard
  • University of Swansea
  • Science Museum Group
  • IKEA UK, for a promotional event at The Proud Archivist gallery in Dalston, London

We can also help with facilitating your corporate team-building day with LEGO bricks; just get in touch.


Brick hire for corporate client in London, UK.

Team building LEGO workshops

LEGO hire for museums

LEGO hire for museums

We also hire LEGO bricks to museums, libraries and other educational and cultural venues, as part of our popular LEGO workshops.

Engage your visitors with challenges that encourage creativity and learning in a fun, friendly environment!


LEGO hire for Horniman Museum, London.

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LEGO sets and model hire

LEGO sets and model hire

I’m able to hire LEGO sets and bespoke models for displays around the UK, and also design and build bespoke LEGO models to suit your own needs. I frequently display LEGO at events throughout the UK, from small fan events to some of the largest LEGO shows in the country, and am happy to advise on what may and may not work for your own event.


LEGO hire for Severn Valley Railway, West Midlands.

Contact Bricks McGee

Contact Bricks McGee

If you would like more information and costings on LEGO element hire for your event, please get in touch via playtime@­

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