Corporate LEGO wellbeing workshop for Appian in Central London

Many of our team building sessions in London focus on engaging employees and encouraging communication and collaboration, but sometimes the tactile nature of LEGO bricks can be used for a more mindful approach to activities.

This was exactly what Appian wanted for their team to enjoy one sunny May day in Central London, and our corporate wellbeing sessions were the perfect fit. As with all of our corporate events, a seasoned facilitator, LEGO brick hire, and travel costs were included.

Corporate wellbeing workshops - local landmarks / city skyline model building in London UK

Wellbeing on the horizon

Our session for Appian provided an engaging activity with LEGO bricks over a lunch period, overlooking London’s stunning skyline towards Canary Wharf.

Using our view as inspiration, our wellbeing session encouraged participants to contribute towards a collaborative LEGO city skyline, with models including City Hall, Tower Bridge, the DLR, and a big red London double decker bus.

Many find building with LEGO bricks can produce a mindfulness in the activity which blocks out thoughts of other tasks and worries.

Hands-on wellbeing sessions with LEGO bricks

Our range of team-building workshops can be tailored for a wellbeing focus to offer to teams from 5 – 250+ employees.

Please contact Bricks McGee if you would like more information on our range of corporate events.


Corporate LEGO wellbeing workshop for Appian in Central London