LEGO corporate team-building workshops in London by Bricks McGee

There are a huge variety of team building and corporate away day activities in London thanks to the city’s immense size, dense population, and the city acting as a hub for many international companies and organising.

We are a little biased at Bricks McGee because we love those little plastic bricks, and only run LEGO team-building events, but we believe LEGO team-building is the best activity around.

Why LEGO team building?

There are plenty of reasons to use LEGO bricks for your team-building event, but here are a few of our favourites:

  • It’s tactile: particularly for teams who are largely office based, providing something tangible your colleagues can touch and interact with as part of an activity is a great way to gain – and retain – their attention
  • It’s family-friendly: if you’re running corporate fun days for family members too, LEGO bricks are a guaranteed smile!
  • Nostalgia: LEGO has been a staple of household toy boxes for decades, meaning colleagues of many ages and backgrounds will feel a connection to LEGO bricks
  • It provides a creative and technical challenge: our LEGO workshops use those little plastic bricks as a basis for a mix of technical and creative challenges – a great blend of activity styles for different people in your organisation.

How does team building with LEGO bricks work?

We offer both virtual team building with LEGO bricks (we’ll send each team member a box of LEGO bricks they can keep!), or we can run in-person experiences throughout the UK. Here’s a quick overview of how each works.

Virtual LEGO team building

Virtual LEGO workshops for teambuilding - London UK

Running on your chosen video platform – Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or other – our passionate facilitators lead your team through a series of challenges designed to entertain and engage your colleagues. We have some hints on running your own team-building with LEGO bricks on Zoom here.

We can send your team boxes of LEGO bricks for the activities, or you can self-source these in your own region. We can run virtual events for your team in London and elsewhere in the world, whether you have 10 colleagues or 250 on the call!

In-person LEGO experiences

Our in-person team-building workshops are similar in format to our virtual events, with the added benefit that we bring all the LEGO bricks to the venue of your choice! Our facilitators will guide you through a range of challenges which can be tailored to your event, venue or chosen theme, ensuring a high paced, friendly competitive element and lots of photographable opportunities – as well as some genuine team-building!

What our London team-building clients say

We run our workshops all over the U.K., but here are what some of our London-based clients have said about our workshops.

We had a great session with Bricks McGee – Richard designed a session that contributed to the issues we were discussing in other parts of the workshop. Everyone was very engaged and stimulated by this way of working. It was both a good way to learn and fun.”

Sue – Business Consultant

“Brilliant team building activity , we ran it for our leadsership team and was great fun being part of the games. Richard and team are very professional , I’ll highly recommend them..”

Sandeep Hegde, Perrigo

So – why not build your team-building event in London with Bricks McGee? Contact us today to discuss your next event.