Virtual and hybrid LEGO team building sessions with Bricks At Home

We’re pleased to announce our new range of virtual and hybrid team experiences with LEGO bricks under the Bricks At Home name.

Ideal for a hands-on experience for remote and distributed teams, we can tailor our virtual experiences for varying numbers of participants and with a range of team building activities customised for Zoom, Teams and Google Meet.

If your team is fully remote working, our virtual team building workshops are a great place to start building your next team event, or if you have a blend of remote and in-office teams, try our hybrid team building workshops.

Using LEGO bricks during the sessions brings a brilliantly tactile edge to a virtual event, with real LEGO bricks your team can get their hands on and build physical models – a great way to encourage engagement within your teams.

Virtual team building activities…with hands-on tasks using LEGO bricks!

Virtual team building activities list at Bricks At Home

We have a list of popular activities for virtual team building on the Bricks At Home website, as well as the ability to customise activities to the video call platform of your choice. Our activities are designed to be fun and flexible, from break out room activities for working in smaller groups, to larger events with participants distributed across the globe.

You’ll find all of the information you need about the new virtual experiences on the Bricks At Home website at