July 6 2018

UK AFOL & LEGO events 2019

LEGO brick hire in the UK

My UK LEGO event list is back again for 2019! Skip to events »

For the foreseeable future, you’ll probably find my 2018 list of LEGO events in the UK more useful!

The number of LEGO shows continues to grow each year, which is great as a LEGO fan and exhibitor, but as curator of this list of UK LEGO events provides a few headaches itself. I’ve tried to organise the events by date, as this is the easiest way I’ve found to maintain the list. Previous attempts to break the LEGO shows up by region failed!

The most noticeable change to the list this year is my attempt to categorise LEGO shows by their size, based on expected visitor numbers per day. This should hopefully give you as a visitor a good idea of the likely size of the show and help in deciding which of the growing number of LEGO shows to attend. LEGO event sizes are roughly defined as follows:

  • Small LEGO shows are estimated to attract 0 – 1000 visitors per day.
  • Medium LEGO shows are estimated to attract 1001 – 3000 visitors per day.
  • Large LEGO shows are estimated to attract 3001 – 5000 visitors per day.
  • Huge LEGO shows are estimated to attract 5001+ visitors per day.

Clearly, this method isn’t going to be foolproof (from our experience it’s very easy to mis-judge the likely popularity of events – the weather, competing events in the area and many other factors all play a role!), but is designed to give you an idea whether a LEGO show is a “church hall” type show, or a larger commercial show in a conference centre.

The organiser of each event is also noted, where possible. Most LEGO shows in the UK are organised by LEGO User Groups (LUGs) – groups of like-minded LEGO fans.

I’ve also marked my favourite / tried-and-tested LEGO shows from previous years (highlighted yellow), and events marked “attending” are shows I’m intending to display at myself.

As ever, these listings are provided in good faith; please check with the event organisers before traveling any distance to a show based on this information!

LEGO shows and exhibitions in the UK for 2018

Event name
Date Venue Description Event size* Cost
Calder Valley LEGO Show
(Bricks 4 Kidz)
Sunday, 27th January 2019 Calder Valley, Yorkshire LEGO displays and traders. Medium Small entry fee charged, in aid of charity.
Thirsk Brick Show
(Brick Alley)
Saturday, 16th February 2019 Thirsk, North Yorkshire LEGO displays and traders. Small Small entry fee charged, in aid of charity.
Brighton Brick Show
(Brighton Bricks)
Saturday, 23rd February 2019 Brighton, Southern England LEGO displays and traders. Unknown Unknown
Sheffield Brickfest 2019
(Sheffield LUG)
Saturday, 23rd February – Sunday 24th February 2019 Sheffield, South Yorkshire LEGO displays and traders. Large £3 adults, £2 kids.
Shildon Brick Show
(Brick Alley)
TBC; November 2019 Locomotion Museum, Shildon, County Durham LEGO displays and traders. Large Free entry and free parking; paid activities and stalls available.

* See above for definitions of event size.

LEGO exhibition listings are coming soon.

Monthly LEGO events

  • Bricks + Beers, Newcastle upon Tyne. LEGO social for adults; first Wednesday of the month, arch2 bar, Ouseburn.