Monster truck arena model at Thin BLue Bricks LEGO event in Glasgow, Scotland

Saturday 17th February 2024 saw a trip north of the border to the town of Hamilton, near Glasgow, for Thin Blue Bricks.

Hosted by Tartan LUG in the chambers of the South Lanarkshire Council building, Thin Blue Bricks fundraises for COPS, a charity who support victims of crime.

Our pick of LEGO models at Thin Blue Bricks

Derek Cockerell ’s Sea of Thieves ships

We love a good LEGO pirate ship, and Derek’s LEGO recreations from the popular Sea of Thieves computer game is no exception, and caught the eyes of my eager gamers throughout the day.

LEGO Sea of Thieves Pirate ship at Thin BLue Bricks, Glasgow LEGO fan event

Monster truck arena by Vicki Harris

Making great use of LEGO’s new Stuntz ranges, Vicki’s brilliant LEGO monster truck arena blends the LEGO City sets with her own custom designs, and the result was superb. Huge crowds of minifigures watch the carnage in the monster truck arena:

Monster truck rally at Thin BLue Bricks LEGO event in Glasgow, Scotland

South Lanarkshire Council building in LEGO bricks by Kenny Smith

Kenny, the organiser of the show, had this superb LEGO model of the South Lanarkshire Council at the event, which was a great representation of the venue visitors recognised instantly!

South Lanarkshire Council buildings - LEGO model - Thin Blue Bricks LEGO fan event near Glasgow

Thanks again to Kenny and Tartan LUG for a very warm welcome to the event, and if you’re a LEGO fan near Glasgow, or in southern Scotland, keep an eye out for the event returning in February 2025, and check out our list of LEGO fan events in 2024 for more events across Scotland and the UK later in the year.