Bricktastic - LEGO event in Manchester is back!

Bricks McGee are happy to be sponsors of Bricktastic again for 2023.

Bricktastic is scheduled to be the largest LEGO fan event of 2023 in the UK, with over 160 exhibitors registered so far.

Created by Fairy Bricks, Bricktastic is a two day LEGO fan event in Manchester City centre at the huge Manchester Central exhibition centre, and will feature LEGO displays large and small from exhibitors from all around the world.

Fairy Bricks are a charity who raise funds to donate LEGO sets to children’s hospitals around the world, so the ticket fees goes towards a great cause as well as two days of LEGO inspiration and awe.

We’re happy to supporting some additional activities with LEGO bricks over the weekend, which we’re sure will be revealed soon.

Bricktastic is a once in a year opportunity as it should return again in February 2024, and you can see some of the models again at other LEGO fan events in the UK. Some of the models from abroad may never been seen again in the UK! Hopefully, we’ll see you there.