Shildon Brick Show 2023 - LEGO fan event - LEGO train display by LNUR

We’re back with another round up of a community LEGO event in the UK, this time in County Durham in the North East of England. Held at Locomotion Museum in the town of Shildon, we headed to Shildon Brick Show 2023 for two days of LEGO fun!

Shildon Brick Show is organised by Brick Alley LEGO User Group, and has been running since 2016. With other 100 exhibitors, volunteers and traders, the show has grown to be a fan favourite in North East England.

Our pick of LEGO models from Shildon Brick Show 2023

As ever it was hard to pick our favourite LEGO models on display – with around 65 exhibitors there was plenty of competition. Here’s a small selection of some memorable models from the LEGO fan community at the show this year.

LEGO Chicken Suit Guy mosaic

LEGO chicken suit guy art by Jules Brown at Shildon Brick Show 2023 LEGO fan event in North East England

Part of the collaborative Brick Alley tapestry with a theme of minifigures this year, Jules’ Chicken Suit Guy art captures a classic LEGO minifigure with a playful take on the chicken vs egg debate!

If you look closer, you’ll see Jules has textured the chicken with the “egg splat” parts, and the pieces uses plenty of egg-cellent printed parts featuring eggs as a nod to the classic egg vs chicken conundrum.

Lewis’ quayside railway scene

Shildon Brick Show 2023 LEGO fan event - Lewis Bird's LEGO quayside scenes

Lewis was winner of LEGO Masters JK series two and a prolific builder of models (as well as a model designer for Bricks McGee!), so we expect great things from him, and he surpassed this with his incredible quayside railway scene. Not only was the scenery beautifully presented, with marked waterlines along the dock sides and well thought out vignettes and scenes created across the display (including a group of robbers breaking in to a container wagon!), he engineered some clever angles in to the LEGO train track on display to create visual interest, developed a working decoupler in a LEGO locomotive, and a mechanism to change the points.

All of the above created a visually stunning and engaging exhibit for visitors – and other exhibitors – at Shildon Brick Show this year.

Suz’ meadow of LEGO flowers

LEGO fan event - Shildon Brick Show 2023 - Suz Gregory's flower display

Suz’s display showed what can be achieved with customising LEGO sets for LEGO model exhibition – a bright, colourful display full of interest. It was Suz’s first time as an exhibitor too!

LNUR’s LEGO railway display

Shildon Brick Show - LEGO event in North East England - LEGO train display by LNUR

LNUR’s collaborative display at Shildon Brick Show this year featured a donut style display measuring 5x3m. LNUR are a LEGO train club with members in England and Scotland. One highlight was a minifigure scale model of Locomotion, the venue the show is held in, including its very own mini Shildon Brick Show and models of exhibits in the museum built by members of the club.

Shane Stoney’’s new Great Central Railway style station was also really popular with visitors and LEGO fans – superbly detailed and with a clever system of magnetic decouplers installed in the goods yard beyond the station making for more movement for visitors to see.

The LNUR club layout won Best MOC (My Own Creation) at Shildon Brick Show 2023, as voted for by other exhibitors.

More from Shildon Brick Show 2023

If you missed Shildon Brick Show this year, YouTube user ZooBricks has a great round-up of the event in this video:

We look forward to supporting Shildon Brick Show in 2024! Check out our list of 2024 LEGO fan events in the UK here.