LEGO Ideas - Jaws - Orca boat model

AFOL Interview with Paul, the builder of Jaws on LEGO Ideas

An interview with LEGO fan Paul, aka Paul / Lego Pan Brickworx, covering his LEGO hobby and brilliant Jaws-themed model on LEGO Ideas.

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LEGO fan event lists UK - Shildon 2022

2021 LEGO events and shows in the UK

Our annual list of LEGO events and shows in the UK is back for 2021. Listings for LEGO shows in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland for 2021.

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List of independent LEGO stores in the America

A list of independent LEGO® stores in the UK

There are plenty of independent shops hidden around the UK which sell LEGO sets – here’s our list of them for your perusal.

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Virtual LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

Our most popular LEGO activities in 2020

As we’re nearing the end of the year, we take a look back through our most popular LEGO activities in 2020.

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LEGO workshops for Christmas

3 LEGO Christmas activity ideas

Looking for ideas for activities for Christmas and the winter break? Check out our LEGO Christmas workshop ideas.

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LEGO Serious Play - Paul Ramchandani

How does play influence positive life outcomes? by Paul Ramchandani LEGO® Professor of Play

We tuned in to a virtual talk from Paul Ramchandani, LEGO® Professor of Play at Cambridge University. Professor Ramchandani spoke on how play influences a positive life outcome.

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Shildon Brick Show - UK's largest free LEGO show

Shildon Brick Show 2020 – virtual

In place our the physical LEGO show for Shildon Brick Show this November 2020, Brick Alley will host a small virtual event with Locomotion, our host venue.

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LEGO workshops for Locomotion Museum in the UK

Free LEGO workshops at Locomotion Museum released

Locomotion has released a day of free LEGO workshops during October half term for eager builders.

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LEGO Technic Seesaw model by Jorge Moreno

LEGO fan interview with Jorge Moreno, LEGO Engineering Fundamentals book

In our regular LEGO fan interview feature, Bricks McGee speaks to Jorge Moreno, a South American AFOL and author of a rather nifty book on LEGO Technic – LEGO Engineering Fundamentals.

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LEGO fan interview with James Pegrum of Brick To The Past

We talk to LEGO builder James Pegrum, part of the brilliant Brick To The Past collaborative, as part of our AFOL interview series.

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Brick Train Awards - awards for LEGO train fans worldwide

A review of LEGO train models in the Brick Train Awards 2020

A review of the Brick Train Awards 2020 from organiser and judge Richard, aka Bricks McGee. A look at some of my favourite LEGO train models from this year’s awards.

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Virtual LEGO workshops by Bricks McGee

4 ways to team-build with LEGO® bricks on Zoom video calls

Our team-building experts share our tips for engaging activities using LEGO bricks during Zoom conference calls.

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