Fabuland Star Wars model by Stubot at Edinbrick LEGO fan event in Edinburgh, Scotland

We headed north of the border for Edinbrick, Edinburgh’s LEGO fan event, promising a weekend of LEGO displays and activities in aid of Fairy Bricks.

In a new venue for 2024, Edinbrick was hosted in Edinburgh’s McEwan Hall, and now tops our “best LEGO event venue” list of all time. McEwan Hall’s grand dome and elaborate surroundings was host to us and our LEGO models for the weekend.

Edinbrick is organised by Brick M8, a collection of adult LEGO fans based in Scotland: they run a number of events throughout the year which you can find on our annual LEGO fan event list.

Our pick of LEGO models at Edinbrick 2024

There were many models spread throughout the venue, but below is a small glimpse of the some of the model building talent in Scotland on display at Edinbrick 2024.

Stubot’s Fabuland Star Wars scene

Fabuland Star Wars model by Stubot at Edinbrick LEGO fan event in Edinburgh, Scotland

Critics of LEGO Star Wars may say the sets are very grey, but Stuart’s (aka Stubot) remodeling of a Tie Fighter in fabulous Fabuland colours is anything but! The collection of Fabuland figures is impressive in itself as they haven’t been produced since 1989!

Stuart was nice enough to share many details of his model with us – our favourite of which is that many of the figures’ legs are too weak to support the torso and head these days, so they are resting on the guns in many cases. Stuart also include many lovely interactive details in his scene, from dancing droids to a working elevator door.

Diagon Alley LEGO scene

Diagon Alley LEGO model at Edinbrick LEGO event in Edinburgh city centre

This Diagon Alley scene built in LEGO by an Edinbrick exhibitor was impressive too. It is a scene built by many Harry Potter LEGO fans and we’ve seen many at events throughout the UK in the past few years, but this version caught our eye as it made great use of buildings displayed at different angles, and at different heights.

Shop interior detail of Harry Potter Diagon Alley LEGO model at Edinbrick, a LEGO fan event in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Blue Iwan LEGO model by @abrickandakid

Blue Iwan palace LEGO model at Edinbrick 2024 LEGO fan event in Edinburgh

This LEGO model of a blue iwan (an architectural feature typically found in Islamic buildings; “a vaulted space opening on to a courtyard”, as the builder’s Instagram neatly describes it) by Gilles, easily caught our eye at Edinbrick this year. Also known as @akidandabrick, Gilles is a 16 year old Teenage Fan of LEGO from Belgium and currently living in Edinburgh.

A stunning venue

Venues for LEGO fan events vary hugely, but the LEGO models are usually centre stage. Edinbrick was notable, then, because the exhibitors and public alike were amazed by the ceiling of the event’s venue – the beautiful McEwan Hall, which has recently been refurbished and is used for graduation ceremonies for University of Edinburgh students.

Edinbrick LEGO event venue in Edinburgh - McEwan Hall's beautiful domed ceiling

The event raised over £17,000 for Fairy Bricks – a superb effort by the Brick M8 team! Thanks again to organisers Doug, Graeme, Ally and Rick for the warm welcome to Edinburgh.