LEGO workshops set up at Horniman Museum iN London

LEGO bricks are a great way to bring fun and creativity in to the classroom!

Their tactile nature makes them irresistible for fingers of all sizes, and these hands-on workshops are ideal for reinforcing key content and providing a fun alternative to a traditional classroom-based lesson.

If you’re looking for workshop and activity ideas for your U.K. primary school, look no further than our workshops with LEGO bricks for primary schools!

Activity ideas with LEGO bricks for primary schools 

As part of our range of workshops and activities with LEGO bricks, our primary school workshops are designed to engage and delight pupils of all primary ages and abilities whilst being customisable to key parts of the curriculum.

Here are a few ideas of the activities that can be run as workshops for your school:

Pull back LEGO drag cars

Reinforce lessons about friction and forces with these brilliant pull-back LEGO motors. 

Each child has their own pull-back motor (or they’re able to work on small teams) to build and refine their vehicle before racing heats. With time, guidance and encouragement to refine each model from the workshop facilitator, pupils can experiment with vehicle length, weight and wheel sizes to perfect their drag racer.

Towers and Bridges workshop

Create future engineers with these building challenges. These bridge and tower workshops tend to work best as a group activity, with teams of 4 – 6 pupils working together.

Firstly, children are guided to build the tallest tower from the LEGO elements available, with the workshop facilitator passing on extra hints and tips to enable pupils to adapt and improve their designs.

Secondly, teams are instructed to make the longest-spanning bridge they can – our record so far is 137cm from primary school children! – with ideas provided throughout to test their designs.

How primary school workshops work

Each session is tailored to the ability of the group, ensuring that no child should feel left behind. All workshops can be tailored to your school’s needs, so please talk to me if you have specific topics or ideas!

Each workshop includes LEGO bricks needed to run your event, so no need to worry about extra fees and hassle, either! We hold public liability insurance cover of £5 million, and all facilitators are DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checked for extra piece of mind.

If you’d like to book your primary school workshops, please get in touch.