LEGO fan model

What are you building at the moment?

“Currently I’m trying to find time to build my LEGO city (pictured). I recently found some room in my office to put a table and I’ve decided to make a city. I was on the fence for some time about it, but I’ve finally taken the plunge and it’s great.

I’m partly building some of the official modulars and trying to come up with my own buildings for it. My latest MOC for this project was a small corner café with a brick built sign on top.”

What is your favourite LEGO set of all time? What do you love about it?

“It’s actually really hard to choose! I think there’s SO many great sets. Especially currently – all the modular buildings are wonderful for instance. Hmm, that would have to be one I don’t own and I’ll probably never own.

So, chosen out of pure, childish notalgia I’d have to say the 6285 – Black Seas Barracuda! I remember seeing it in a window in a toy store back in the day. It was awe inspiring!”


The best MOC you’ve built so far?


“I think my best MOC so far is the Imperial Customs Station which is heavily inspired by the Eldorado Fortress and the Imperial Trading Post from the first and second generation of pirate sets.

I really wanted the Eldorado fortress as a kid and never got it. So, when I got back into LEGO I had to try to do something about that. I was relatively new to making MOCs (I still am) and I didn’t have all the bricks I would like to use, but I think it turned out pretty good.”

Eldorado Fortress is definitely one of those iconic sets for LEGO fans of a certain age!


LEGO fan model

Which LEGO builder(s) do you admire most?

“All my references for this are based on my YouTube activity. I’m really fond of Daryl from Bevins Bricks. He has a very realistic style and make some great detailed build too.

Secondly, I’d say Caz from BlockheadUK (BlockheadUK YouTube channel) – she has a wonderful approach to micro scale builds and I really like her stuff. Other than that, there’s of course people like The Jackhammer and JC from Small Brick City – they do great stuff too.”

One of the beauties of all of these social media platforms is the ability to connect with fellow LEGO fans from around the world. I do love Caz’s micropolis builds (pictured above, and covered in Caz’s own AFOL interview from a while back) – some really inventive part use, and a lovely story behind each new tower, park or train station!

Favourite LEGO colour?

“Oh, that’s a tough one. There’s so many great colors in LEGO at it increases all the time! Yellow is great but it’s hard to do too much with I think – it gets too pale very quickly. I always love green but I’ve never really used it. Hmm. Actually. The Lime Green is really great – I’ve yet to find a good MOC to use it in, but I really like it!”

Lime green (“Bright Yellowish Green“) is also a good pick for your favourite LEGO colour; used in small amounts I’ve found it can be good for creating variety in landscapes.

I’m a lover of yellow tooperhaps you can tell from this website! – but I agree it’s not typically a colour you can use in great quantities in most models without making them feel a bit too “child-like” or “cartoony”.


Favourite LEGO element? Why?

LEGO 1x2 masonry profile brick

The 1×2 brick! It’s one of the most versatile bricks out there and I think it’s the one I’ve used the most. Including all the modified variations, there’s almost endless possibilities with that one. And its size allows you to make pretty small details while still being able to make something sturdy.”

As many regular readers will know, I’m a huge fan of “masonry profile bricks” (some might say addict), so this has my support!

Most unlikely source for inspiration for a LEGO model?

BrickBakery LEGO fan logo

A cake I think! The basis for my channel logo. I came up with the name, so I had to come up with a logo. So, yeah, a cake!”

It looks very delicious, too. A little crunchier than I usually prefer cake, but delicious nonetheless.

Which theme do you wish LEGO would bring back?

LEGO set - Neptune Discovery Lab (Image: Brickset)

“I wish LEGO would bring back some of the old space themes or the Aquazone theme. I just love those old sets with their colored transparent pieces and far-out models. I think the early to mid 90’s was a golden age for LEGO.

They made good models that was full of great ideas and I think that the more science-fiction-y themes really came together at that point. The M-Tron and second generation Blacktron are great examples. But I really liked the Aquazone sets even though I only ever got two of the small ones. I guess that’s why I’d want them to come back.”

Aquazone had some great parts – I always loved the LEGO octopus! – and the Neptune Discovery Lab mixed nicely in my childhood city with the LEGO City Divers range.

Image: Brickset / LEGO.

Where do you build LEGO models?

LEGO fan BrickBakery

I build them in my office – I have a wonderful desk made from some kind of old wood. It’s very nice to sit at and it’s very nice to have a little cave to build in. Incidentally, its where I keep most of built sets and my LEGO city too!

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