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Andrej is a Slovakian adult fan of LEGO who runs the Bricks Easy blog. He talks to us about his childhood LEGO, and how he became an Adult Fan of LEGO.


How did you get in to the LEGO hobby as an adult?

“Firstly, it started around 2012, when I was 24 years old. I decided to make my childhood dreams come true and I bought older LEGO Technic sets of which I had been dreaming when I was a kid. Namely, they were particularly the sets 8432 Concept Car and 8446 Crane Truck. Then I took a break from LEGO for a few years, until my brother surprised me with a Christmas gift in 2017. He bought me the LEGO Technic 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure motorcycle Lego set, which is one of my favorite LEGO sets of all times.

After that I started my own LEGO blog and I also bought some more LEGO sets to review them on this blog. For example, I bought the LEGO Technic 42107 Ducati Panigale motorbike, too, that was released this summer. It was a must-have set for me, because I love LEGO Technic motorbikes.”

What’s your favourite LEGO set of all time?

There are two favourite LEGO sets of all time for me; one is from the Lego Technic category, since Technic has always been my favorite LEGO theme. And the other one is from the LEGO Ideas category. I really like the fact that LEGO lets anyone to be able to design a real LEGO set with its LEGO Ideas theme.

So my favorite LEGO sets from these 2 categories are: LEGO Technic 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure and LEGO Ideas 21320 Dinosaur Fossils. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of dinosaurs, so this LEGO set brought me some of my childhood memories. It is a very nice set that includes skeletons of 3 dinosaurs. They also look realistic and are not that small, so this is one of the best-value LEGO sets for me.”

The dinosaurs set was a great build – I would have loved that as a child!

What was the last LEGO set you built?

“The last one for me was the 75979 LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig set.

Actually, I’m not a big fan of the Harry Potter movies, but I decided to buy this particular set, as I thought that it could be similar to the Dinosaur Fossils model, because it’s a model of an animal. So, this was my first LEGO Harry Potter set that I ever bought. And what surprised me, was a nice Harry’s minifigure with his magic wand that was included with this model. I may definitely buy more Harry Potter LEGO sets in future. There is always so much to explore with LEGO. If I only had higher budget for it.”

Hedwig is a very cool set – still on my wanted list, although, like you, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan.

LEGO fan interview - Bricks Easy - LEGO Technic set

Do you have a favourite LEGO element?

“It is the differential that is included within almost all LEGO Technic vehicle models. I like exploring automotive mechanisms and working gear wheels, so that is why this LEGO part is my favorite one. Since my early childhood, I have always been fascinated by these mechanical functions.

And when my father bought LEGO Technic models for me and my brother for the first time, he was teaching us on LEGO how these functions work in reality. I believe that every parent should do this. LEGO is a perfect tool for teaching your kids how the real world actually works.”


Where do you build your LEGO models and sets?

I build them mostly simply on my work desk or on my kitchen table. I find it more comfortable to spend a few hours building a LEGO model sitting at a desk, rather than sitting on the floor. Also, when I build a LEGO, I try to sort the parts by opening the bags that are numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. first before moving on to the next ones. But this probably like most of us do it, so it’s nothing unusual.”

LEGO fan interview with Bricks Easy - Harry Potter minifigures

What is your favourite minifigure?

“I would say it’s the Harry Potter’s minifigure, together with the Hedwig owl, that is included in the 75979 Hedwig set. I’m posting a photo of it within this article. I like how detailed this minifigure is and it is distinguishable that it represents particularly the Harry character.

Sadly, my favorite LEGO theme, Technic, no longer includes minifigures. If it would, they would be most likely my favorite ones.”

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