LEGO Flying Scotsman model by Isaac Smith Isaac's impressive LEGO Flying Scotsman model

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I came across Isaac Smith‘s brilliant LEGO locomotive designs on his Flickr account, and he quickly became a regular part of the LNUR display team, stunning the public (and fellow AFOLs!) with his steam locomotive models.

Isaac also has a very active YouTube account, with plenty of LEGO to keep you interested for months to come.

What is your favourite LEGO set of all time? What do you love about it?

LEGO Assembly Square modular set

“It’s hard to pick a favourite- but the one I had the most fun building in recent memory was the Creator Expert Assembly Square. Wonderful detail.”

It’s a great build; I love the direction LEGO have taken with the interior detailing of the modulars more recently. Plus, who could turn down all of that sand blue?!


LEGO fan model

The best MOC you’ve built so far?

Mallard may be my favourite. It kicked off my craze for building Lego engines.”

This is one of your models – Flying Scotsman being the other – which the public of all ages absolutely love to see running. Not many other locomotive models we display tend to come close to the recognition Mallard gets!

Image: Isaac Smith, with Mallard seen on the LNUR display, at North Notts Brick Show 2018.

What are you building at the moment?

A GWR ‘King’ steam engine. I’m also looking into making a small layout to take to shows.”

I’ve been lucky enough to see a sneak peek of this one, and can’t wait to see it at LEGO shows!

Favourite LEGO colour?

“Gotta be dark blue.”

I’m not sure what it is with AFOLs and the dark/earth colours, but they are beautiful!

Favourite LEGO element? Why?

LEGO 1x2 cheese slope (Image: Bricklink)“1×2 cheese slope [Slope 30 1 x 2 x 2/3 to give its Bricklink name!]. None of my MOC’s would be possible without it.”

Your locos certainly use a lot of the cheese slopes! And they’re available in quite a range of colours which must be handy for loco building in various liveries.


Which LEGO builder(s) do you admire most?

Display boards pretty much finished :)
Carl Greatrix and a brilliant fella on Flickr who goes by ‘britishbricks‘. Both do/did incredible Steam Train MOC’s and are a huge source of inspiration to me.”

Both fantastic builders; I remember being very inspired by Carl’s fantastic Corfe Castle display, which blended LEGO models with traditional railway modelling techniques.

Of course, Carl is probably better known these days for the design of the LEGO Ideas Caterham set!


Where do you build LEGO models?

“In my room at home, mostly. Have a wonderful stack of drawers with parts sorted by colour.”

Ah, another sorter-by-colour, just like me! Always find it interesting to see the split between those who sort by colour, and those who sort by element type.

Which theme do you wish LEGO would bring back?

LEGO's new Harry Potter sets

“Harry Potte– Oh would you look at that!! [LEGO have just released a new Harry Potter line of sets, including a new Hogwarts Express set.]

Uh, then it’s got to be Dino Attack. And re-colouring the Jurassic Park moulds won’t do it, it’s got to be those monstrous demon lizards!”

Dino Attack was a great theme – I’m a sucker for LEGO dinosaurs as people who follow me know! The new Harry Potter sets are growing on me – I’m particularly drawn to the new quidditch set for some reason.


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