LEGO Scala diner scene by Victoria Worsley at Calder Valley Brick Show 2024 in West Yorkshire

Our 2025 list of LEGO fan events for UK and Ireland is here! 2024 saw a bumper number of events throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and 2025 is shaping up to be another busy year for LEGO fan events and exhibitions across the UK.

Check with event organisers before travelling to events.

What is a LEGO fan event?

As ever, what constitutes a LEGO fan event is up for debate. Our definition is:

a LEGO fan event is a short term (one, two or three day) display of LEGO models built by fan and amateur builders. Some events may provide activities for visitors, and trade stalls to buy LEGO sets, figures, parts and merchandise

We don’t list long-term model exhibitions in museums, workshops and activities here, as there are just too many to keep track of! The number of model displays will vary between events – commercial events typically have more trade spaces than models, whereas fan events may have more models on display and fewer trade stalls. Every event organiser is different, so it can be trial and error to find which type of events you enjoy most.

About the list

We aim to list all events in the UK and Ireland that fulfill the definition above. If we’ve missed one, let us know – please do drop an email to

As usual, events are split in to sizes to help you; we’ve rejigged these boundaries for 2025’s event list to create a more event split between events:

  • Tiny LEGO shows are estimated to attract 0 – 250 visitors per day.
  • Small LEGO shows are estimated to attract 251 – 500 visitors per day.
  • Medium LEGO shows are estimated to attract 501 – 1000 visitors per day.
  • Large LEGO shows are estimated to attract 1001 – 3000 visitors per day.
  • Huge LEGO shows are estimated to attract 3001+ visitors per day.

Events highlighted in a darker yellow are community favourite events – typically well established events run by the LEGO fan community in the UK or Ireland. Events highlighted with purple denote a new community event for the year.

While there’s still some of 2024 left, head over to our list of LEGO fan events for 2024 for the UK and Ireland.

Lead image: Belville diner scene by Victoria Worsley, as seen at Calder Brick Show 2024.