LEGO fairground model at Reading Brick Show 2022 in Berkshire

Bricks McGee had the pleasure of attending another of the LEGO fan events on our 2022 list this February – Reading Brick Show.

Held at the Rivermead Centre, around 15 minutes walk from Reading railway station, this commercial LEGO fan event is a long running favourite in the south west of England. It’s also a great family day out – there are plenty of activities on hand to let LEGO fans of all ages get hands-on and release their creative streak, from a LEGO robot battle arena, to a mosaic building gallery, a car building task, and a LEGO remote control car challenge which even we found taxing!

Our favourite LEGO models at Reading Brick Show

There was a huge mixture of content from amateur builders across the U.K. at Reading Brick Show – a testament to the show’s longevity in the adult LEGO fan community. Here is a small selection of some of our favourite – and most memorable – models at the event.

Mark and Judi’s LEGO fairground models

This incredible LEGO fairground is a recurring display at shows throughout the country, and we love seeing its lights and movement everywhere it goes – it is mesmerising! This display is ever changing as Mark and Judi change and update rides from event to event, creating a new fairground every time.

This image (header image) is from Bricktastic 2022 as we missed taking a photo of this model in all its glory at Reading Brick Show!

LSUR – LEGO Southern U.K. Railway display

We’re a little biased on this one as Richard contributed a row of lovely terraced houses (a little like those by Andy at Brickish Weekend in Leicester) towards this collaborative layout built by adult LEGO train fans in the south of England. Built by 6 fans in sections, the mix of landscaping techniques with man-made structures and the fully working trains – and even signals that visiting fans could operate – made for part of a great weekend at Reading.

LEGO train models at Reading Brick Show LEGO fan event 2022

Andrew Harvey’s LEGO Tornado model on the LSUR LEGO railway layout at Reading Brick Show 2022.

LEGO remote control car arena

This wasn’t a display as such, but an interactive exhibit in which visitors could drive large LEGO monster trucks around an assault course of bumps, hills and rough ground. Absolutely fantastic fun! Definitely a highlight of Reading Brick Show for us.

LEGO remote control car arena at Reading Brick Show 2022

Our verdict: recommended for LEGO fans in Reading!

All in all, Reading Brick Show provides a great mix of content and activities for LEGO fans in Reading and Berkshire. If that’s not local enough for you, try our list of LEGO fan events in the UK for 2022 here.