LEGO fan event lists UK - Shildon 2022

It’s that time of year again in which we start a list of UK LEGO fan events in 2022. Our UK LEGO fan event list for 2023 is now live too!

We also maintain a list of virtual events in 2022 – great if you’re not in the UK and still want a LEGO fix!

Check with event organisers before travelling to events.

As usual, we’ve highlighted LEGO shows and exhibitions around the country, with information on the event itself, its organisers (usually a LEGO User Group), cost to attend, and a link to book tickets, where required.

Shows are categorised by their size, which is a rough measurement of visitor numbers per day to the event:

  • Small LEGO shows are estimated to attract 0 – 1000 visitors per day.
  • Medium LEGO shows are estimated to attract 1001 – 2500 visitors per day.
  • Large LEGO shows are estimated to attract 2501 – 5000 visitors per day.

This list doesn’t cover LEGO workshops and similar activity-based events, or travelling LEGO exhibitions which tour museums across the country.

Main image: Shildon Brick Show 2022 photo, courtesy of Brick Alley.