Brick Train Awards - awards for LEGO train fans worldwide

In collaboration with LNUR, the UK LEGO train club, and Brick Model Railroader in the US, we are pleased to announce a new virtual event for LEGO train fans worldwide: the Brick Train Awards.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, many LEGO exhibitions that would usually run throughout the year are missing from LEGO fans’ calendars this year, which led to an idea to create a worldwide event for LEGO train fans – and the Brick Train Awards were born!

It’s been a lot of fun to help pull the awards together – a great chance to talk to LEGO train fans around the world. I’m particularly pleased with the judges’ panel in each region, including some well known names from the LEGO train fan community in each area.

About the Brick Train Awards

The awards have 10 categories split between LEGO locomotive models, wagons, as well as scenery and displays:

  • Best steam loco model
  • Best diesel loco model
  • Best electric loco model
  • Best “other” loco model
  • Best passenger wagon
  • Best freight wagon
  • Best TFOL (Teenage Fan of LEGO) model
  • Best individual LEGO display
  • Best group LEGO display
  • Best building or infrastructure model

The judging panel – consisting of myself and Enrico Lussi for Europe, Cale and Glenn of BMR for the Americas, Ryan Evans for Australasia, and Masao Hidaka for Asia – will award a winner for each category in the regions mentioned. The category winners from each category then go head-to-head to find a global winner.

Entries for the Brick Train Awards open on 15th June 2020, and are open until 10th July 2020. A virtual awards ceremony will be held on the 17th July 2020 to announce winners of the regional and global award categories – best of luck to all builders! Here’s a quick video explaining some of the rules and categories in the Brick Train Awards:

If you’re interested in following along – or entering the awards – take a look at the awards website ( and head over to the Facebook page for the Brick Train Awards too.